Arrowteks Analyst Found The Best Three Hot Stocks

UK, October 22, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE,

Target (TGT)

Companies that stem from the days of brick-and-mortar retail stores become less enthusiastic when they face Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). It has managed to build quite a reputation for itself. Long gone are the days when Amazon started out as a book seller. Today it holds considerable demand.

Yet there is one company that does not bow down to this e-commerce giant. It is Target. If the recent developments in its market are anything to go by then you know that its confidence is no joke.

Target has decided to go head to head with Amazon’s Prime Day sales jubilee. It’s a bold move on its part. Many would believe it to be a stupid one too. Prime Day has fans that know that it is held in July. It has been a while since someone decided to make Amazon have a taste of their own medicine.

In all fairness, Target had managed to remain coy about its respective Deal Days. Just when Arrowteks was able to figure out that they take place on Oct. 13 and Oct. 14 which is right around the time when Prime Day 2020 rolls out. But don’t feel bad about the impending hit TGT stock is going to take. It is not what you think it is.

If you have been around a Target store lately, you will know that they are already packed. That shows that Americans have adapted to the new lifestyle and are bouncing back to the new normal. It doesn’t seem long to the time when people will march back to the stores in crowd for Black Friday.

This one is definitely a show we want to wait and watch. So, keep the TGT stock up in your list of hot stocks.

Nike (NKE)

It may be hard to accept Nike as a good play move to make for hot stocks. Especially since the personal saving rate has definitely gone up ever since the pandemic struck. Ever since July 2020, even the savings rate has already halved from its peak estimate.

Nevertheless, it does not dispute that fact that this economic crisis has pushed people in general to start saving up. Millions are already reeling with financial instability. In such circumstances, we do not expect NKE stock to do well. Yet still its shares are up by 25%. Not only that NKE has also managed to double its share in the market since March.

So, if you are looking for a hot stock to count on, you are looking at the right place. But why is this standardised consumer firm flourishing so greatly in the midst of an on going pandemic?

This is because Nike has built itself to be quite an influential consumer friendly brand. This gives its stock great power. It is preferred by wealthy and successful people who tend to exercise more, which helps benefit the NKE stock. But there could be another factor involved too; the incentive lost to dress for success.

Thanks to the pandemic, people do not have to gear up to go to work anymore. They can work wearing whatever they want. Even though this may seem convenient for some, it can definitely hurt businesses that work to produce office attires.  Ironically, it seems that people are choosing to buy and wear Nike in these times. Either way, this makes it a good hot stock to invest in.

Hot Stocks: Spark Networks (LOV)

The market for stocks may seem like an unpredictable one. Similar is the case when it comes to love. There isn’t much of a considerable stock out there to rely on. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our social lives in general. The dating circuit seems to have been affected the most. Therefore, it has been quite a lonely period for most of the people.

However, this proved to be a boon for online dating companies like Spark Networks. We all are well aware of the success of online dating during this tough time. Early on, it was just a parallel platform to provide an easy means of connecting. But in current times, it seems to be the preferable means of connecting with people. This happens to be a significant part of the argument that sets in play the LOV stock and rivals, such as Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH).

While LOV can operate between both the maintenance of hot stocks and a viable faith-based market focus. Spark has been able to highlight its skills with a love and relationships game- Jdate which is a Jewish dating site. It has also reached out to connect with brands like Christian Mingle and LDS Singles.

Why is this such a hot stock? Well the coronavirus has managed to bring back people from their busy lives. It has disproportionately affected people of faith. Spark Networks is out here giving people hope. With this hope, there is a subsequent benefit for the LOV stock.

Published On: October 23, 2020