What are the most critical features of the antivirus in 2020? Regarding the emergence of new threats and the importance of usability, a modern antivirus has to react to new viruses and malware immediately. Also, most of the antiviruses tend to extend their feature packages to add-ons, so that the user can keep and control them in a single place. For that reason, we are figuring out the quality of AVG in 2020.

Comprehensive Antivirus Package

One of the most important things about this antivirus in 2020 is that it provides comprehensive and reliable protection even if you use its free version. Its latest version contains the signature matching technology and heuristic analysis mechanics to protect your computer from zero-day attacks, which is crucial regarding the inventiveness of virus creators. Additionally, AVG does great in online protection tests. In essence, a lot of user activities are now happening in browsers, so it is an immensely important criterion for those who look for a good antivirus. The 2020 updates for online security include new algorithms in webcam and ransomware protection, as well as a new system for detecting suspicious files, links, and viruses.

As for the premium plan security, it has an enhanced protection system for transactions you perform online, such as payments and authorization that watches out the security of your credentials and makes sure the deleted files do not get restored.

Many Useful Extensions Even in the Free Plan

What you get along with an AVG antivirus is quite a packed toolbox with gadgets that ensure you do not have to install other add-ons, as they are all in one place. It is worth mentioning that even the free version of the antivirus has enough features to keep your gear safe. These features are file and activity shields that are also based on matching technology and heuristic analysis. Another feature available in the free version is web shield. It allows you to surf the internet safely and blocks suspicious or malicious sites in real-time. Also, you can perform an on-demand scan of a site or a letter if you find it suspicious. Such scans do not overload the system and take just a few minutes.

Apart from the standard free package, you can use other features that AVG has. In terms of reliability, it has all the necessary features you might need in your browser in one place. For example, the VPN features also go in a paid package, so if you need a secure connection, it is way better to have it as a part of your protection software.

Up-to-date Security

Another highlight that we make about AVG is the fact that the developers keep it up to date with emerging security threats and computer vulnerabilities. As a result, the latest version of the antivirus shows great results in both common security threats and unusual activities. Also, it shows a positive impact on the performance of your computer and the rapidity of the on-demand scans.

Multi-platform Support

It is an advantage of the antivirus that it works well on most of the platforms there are. You will get the same level of security on Windows, macOS, and Android platforms. However, here goes its significant disadvantage, the fact that it does not support Linux and iOS devices. Usually, it is not an issue, yet, if you purchase a plan for several devices and want to protect one on Linux or iOS, it will be quite a waste of money.

Final Thoughts

The developers of AVG antivirus do a great job of keeping the product relevant and useful in 2020. The antivirus offers a lot of important and useful features even as free software, maintaining the high protection level. It constantly updates the virus database and improves the features it has.