Cable TV vs Streaming in the USA

Cable TV is still the best option to watch live sports and news on television. As we all know, the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have burgeoned in this golden era of television. They still cannot beat the performance of cable TV because of its live streaming channels.

People around the world and in the USA, love to watch their favorite sports on television. They never want to compromise on the picture quality of their sports, so they always prefer to watch cable TV in their homes.

The streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and many others have also contributed to television programming. They provide a huge variety of TV programs and movies to entertain their viewers.

According to the latest survey, more than 50% of cable TV users also have a subscription to at least one streaming service provider.

Cable TV alone rarely satisfies the demand of all the family members in a home, but because of its live channel service, it still makes a good choice for home viewing.

You can find information about Cable TV vs Streaming in the USA in the points below.

Monthly cost: Cable TV includes with up to $100 monthly cost, whereas streaming TV would

cost up to $50 per month.

Plan Length: Cable TV plans are generally for a month or 2 months, whereas streaming services plans are provided for 1 year or more, it also may be a trouble for you, if you will not be satisfied with the service after payment.

No. of Channels: There will be more than 150+ channels listed with a cable TV box.

Whereas, the streaming service can provide only 60+ channels in their service.

Cable TV box: Generally, a Cable TV box is always provided with cable TV services, whereas streaming services never include any external equipment with it.

Internet Connection: A high-speed internet connection will always be necessary for a streaming service, whereas there will be not any requirement for the same with cable TV.

Mobile/Laptop friendly: A cable TV does not include any other platform for accessing except TV, but you can easily access any content over the Mobile/Laptop with a good quality streaming service.

Some Basic Information About Service Selection

Internet Connection: It’s not hard to understand that most US children are born with a broadband connection in their pockets. So, obviously streaming will be the first choice of this age group. If you were a person who doesn’t have an internet connection in your home but has a cable TV connection, then it would be costly for you to shift from cable TV to streaming.

Additional Fees: We must take a look at the costs first before going to switch to a new service. As we all know, whatever the price listed on the website for the cable TV is not the actual amount we pay. The service amount is added to several external fees like equipment charges, taxes or broadcast fees. These additional fees don’t apply to stream.

Sporting Rights:  Many cable TV providers around the world have all the sporting rights. This means they have channels for live sports events, which always attract a large audience.

As of now, these rights are not available to any of the streaming service providers, which is one reason people still support cable TV over streaming.

In the End

You need to make a complete list of all the programs you want to watch and then compare these two service providers. You can also call up your cable TV provider to select a better plan for you.  If you are not satisfied with only cable television, you should look into adding a streaming service. Dropping cable TV might not be a good choice when you research what you will be missing out on. Adding and dropping a streaming service is not a difficult process. It will include the minimum dollar amount for a testing period, and you can change services at any time.

Published On: March 19, 2020