Behind the alternation of bull and bear markets lies the global ambitions of StarEx

Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong, 22nd September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The world of Crypto is no stranger to cyclical cycles. In the more than 10 years since the birth of the blockchain industry, it has experienced multiple rounds of alternating bulls and bears. When the alternating bulls and bears occur, there are often many latecomers on the exchange track, looking for new vitality between chaos and ups and downs.
Although there are about 300 active encryption asset trading platforms on the market at present , if you look at business, you will find that many once of two, three line trading platforms wait for all sorts of problems due to its own mismanagement or external factors that have faded from the public view. Even the traditional pattern of “big three” is long gone. That leaves room for other trading platforms to catch up, even overtake.
As the theory of evolution goes, natural selection leads to survival of the fittest.
Like StarEx, as a centralized trading platform for latecomers, in this new callable bull/bear market change, take the lead to expanding field of vision to the world, not only in multiple support encryption industry region to establish a global operations center, and actively learn from the advantages of other platforms, and constantly enrich and optimize its own products, intended for users from all over the world.

Look for breakout opportunities in the bull – bear divide

StarEx, in its latest update this year, has some bright numbers. For example, the total volume of transactions in 2021 exceeded $100 billion for the first time; The number of registered users exceeded 2 million, an increase of 1000% compared with 2018; Daily active users topped 50,000.
It is one such little-known platform that has seen rapid growth since 2021, making it a standout among the new breed of exchanges.
StarEx was founded in 2018 and believes it can use blockchain technology to “build a new digital ecology and define a new digital future”. “To realize this vision of the future, we created StarEx, an open, secure and easy-to-use platform that serves as the infrastructure for global investors to access and trade crypto assets.” So says Viktoriya Clarke.
Viktoriya is one of the startup members of StarEx Exchange. In the past few years, she has traveled to blockchain and cryptocurrency industry friendly regions around the world, seeking cooperation between blockchain startups and local political authorities. She has extensive government experience in crypto marketing.
Previously, Viktoriya was asked, compared with some giant platforms, the new generation of exchanges how to break through barriers. She believes that “the biggest certainty in the Crypto world is full of uncertainty, grasp their own advantages, seize the opportunity, can stand out, and StarEx can break through this bull bear watershed, It is because StarEx has grasped the importance of globalization and compliance from the very beginning.

Compliance layout allows global business to extend further

Since 2019, Viktoriya has been working with the team in the regions with a large number of Crypto users, such as Malaysia, Switzerland, India, Australia, Turkey, Dubai and North America, and has gradually applied for the necessary compliance licenses in these regions and achieved some results.
At present, StarEx has obtained compliance licenses in Australia, Turkey and MSB in the United States.
The reason why StarEx will make such efforts in globalization and compliance is mainly to “prepare for a rainy day”. Viktoriya mentioned that in recent years, Crypto has developed rapidly, and the regulation around Crypto has been increasingly tightened. It is obvious that actively embracing regulation and carrying out global business in compliance with regulation is the right path for the development of the industry, which can be more stable and long-term.
At the same time, StarEx has established an operations center in Dubai with a technical and marketing team. Operations in Turkey and India are also in the pipeline, and some partners from other local regions are also expanding in the local market.
When asked why he would choose to set up an operations center in Dubai, Viktoriya said that Dubai has a very friendly policy towards the Crypto industry, especially last year when the Dubai World Trade Center Authority (DWTCA) signed an agreement to support Crypto trading and related financial activities within the Dubai Free Trade Zone.
In addition to its friendly policies, its location also has advantages. “There are people from all over the world in Dubai, which, with its geography and culture, can attract the attention of users from the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, Dubai is located in the Middle of the Middle East, not far from Europe, Southeast Asia, India and other regions, and can serve the global compliance region.”
The results of this strategy are evident in the fact that StarEx is adding new users every day from different parts of the world.

Optimize products and strengthen ecological infrastructure construction

Of course, globalization and compliance belong to the strategic plan, and StarEx’s recent important goal is to focus on products.
“StarEx’s founders and core team are serial entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry. In fact, the team has been working to make StarEx a platform with more products and a better user experience.”
On September 7, 2022, StarEx announced on social media that it had completed the upgrade of the spot trading section, and introduced new trading functions such as market price trading, stop loss and stop loss, and plan entrusting.
In addition, C2C is also the business segment that StarEx attaches special importance to at this stage. “We believe that for some time, Crypto trading and applications will still be inseparable from C2C,” Viktoriya said. “We are very happy to build a good exchange channel between traditional assets and Crypto for users.”
Subsequently, Viktoriya added that under the dual influence of the US stock balance sheet and interest rate reduction and multi-place policies, the Crypto industry also entered the winter period, that is to say, more investors will wait and see, and the trading demand on the whole market is inevitably thin. Any platform that is solely a trading business would obviously be hamstrung. Therefore, StarEx’s other ecological businesses and innovative products are also being promoted in an orderly way, including futures, leverage, earning, research, copy trade, quantitative strategies, public chain, imeTalk, metaverse, wallet, etc.
StarEx has all three key factors — strategy, product and ecology — and is still working on them.
No one can predict the competitive landscape in the future, and for now, StarEx clearly has its own unique way of living in the industry. Whether it can break into the mainstream will depend on how far it can go
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