Bixie Empowers Women to Bridge the Financial Gender Gap in Web3

Singapore, April 27, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Bixie, a female-focused finance platform, is revolutionizing the way women invest, save, and grow their wealth. By providing knowledge, networking opportunities, and tools specifically designed for women, Bixie aims to close the $5 trillion market gap in women-centered financial Web3 products.

Research shows that women hold 40% of global wealth and make 80% of purchasing decisions, yet less than 1% invest in capital markets. The Wage Gap and Investment Gap have a significant impact on women’s financial futures, making them 80% more likely to face poverty in retirement. Bixie’s vision is to provide simplified access to capital and wealth, empowering women to make decisions from a position of strength and fostering independence and autonomy.

Founded by Rosalia Gitau, Bixie was inspired by Gitau’s experience working for the UN and her mother’s financial journey. Gitau’s mother, an overseas foreign worker from the Philippines, made a crucial investment that transformed her family’s life. Drawing on this experience and Gitau’s work in Fintech, blockchain, and payments, Bixie was created to help women achieve transformative financial change.

Bixie offers a user-friendly app where users can enhance their financial and general Web3 knowledge in a gamified way. By taking quizzes and completing tasks within the app, users can earn bonus points which can be redeemed for coupons and rewards from partner companies within the app.

Additionally, Bixie is planning to offer access to DeFi products such as Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD), DeFi lending, and insurance to provide innovative income-building opportunities for women. 

During the live online event on 27 March, which showcased Bixie’s new Web3 features, the strategic partnership with GatewayX – the upcoming Web3 onboarding platform for mass adoption – was also announced. Yuree Hong – founder of SheChain –  a platform championing women-led Web3 projects and gender equality, also joined the online event. This highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the Web3 landscape, showcasing Bixie and GatewayX’s commitment to a more equitable and diverse digital future.

Bixie has been recognized by organizations such as 1Million Startups, She Loves Tech, and Women’s World Banking for its innovative approach to female-centered finance. The platform has also partnered with various companies to host programs and live events, further promoting its mission to empower women in the financial sphere.

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About Bixie

Bixie is a female-focused Web3 finance platform dedicated to encouraging savings and wealth generation for women through knowledge, network, and tools. With a mission to empower women to know and grow their worth, Bixie aims to close the $5 trillion market gap in women-centered financial products and promote financial independence for women worldwide.


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Published On: April 27, 2023