BULLZ and Live The Future Partner To Fuel Community-Driven Marketing of Web3 in LATAM and Beyond

Singapore, February 16, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Web3 social platform, BULLZ, is excited to announce its partnership with web3 marketing agency, Live The Future. The new community partnership will connect Live The Future’s portfolio of web3 clients with BULLZ’s marketing tools and global web3 creator base in order to facilitate community-driven marketing through user-generated content. The partnership will also open up the Latin American markets for BULLZ’s global network through Live The Future’s LATAM creator network of more than 3k KOLs.

In 2022 the global influencer market was valued at 16.4 billion US dollars, having doubled in size since 2019 (Statista). More than 207 million people now identify as creators in a professional sense (Linktree), making the creator economy a massive content marketing machine. This is particularly true in Latin America, where one in three internet users now follows an influencer (We Are Social), while more than 40% of Brazilians have purchased a product through a creator recommendation (Statista). As a result, decentralized social platforms and protocols are becoming more popular, as they provide the tools that enable creators to monetize content in a fair and transparent way.

BULLZ is a web3 social platform that empowers content creators to monetize their videos about web3 projects, and enables brands to set up content campaigns. Content is incentivized through the WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol that automatically rewards peer-reviewed authenticated content with the goal of replacing traditional ads. With its exclusive video focus, BULLZ provides a community-driven marketing force for user-generated content. Launched at the end of 2021, the BULLZ platform has already generated more than 80,000 videos about web3, blockchain, NFTs, DeFi and DAO projects, with 11,000 videos created in the last month alone.

BULLZ not only provides a space for web3 creators to thrive, but also helps brands utilize those videos for marketing campaigns. The BULLZ Campaign Manager lets web3 projects launch campaigns in less than 5 minutes by specifying the type of content they require. These campaigns are displayed within the app for creators to view. Creators then decide to join a campaign and submit a video. In addition, they are incentivized to share the content on social media platforms, such as Twitter or YouTube.

Live The Future is a fully fledged web3 marketing agency, focused on developing and scaling web3 projects, from community management to influencer marketing, PR or 3D modeling for the metaverse. Projects include XCAD Network, pioneering the watch-to-earn revolution, and Kanna Coin, transforming the social and environmental impact of cannabis on the blockchain. Meanwhile, Live The Future has gathered a creator network of more than 3,000 content creators within the Brazilian and LATAM markets.

The BULLZ Campaign Manager provides Live The Future’s network with a valuable opportunity to scale content creation campaigns easily and further tap into the global creator network on BULLZ.

Founder & CEO, Rodrigo Hype, of Live The Future said: “We work with the largest agencies in the market, focusing on the client’s needs and how we can make a connection between brands and their target audience. Meanwhile we are one of the largest web3 agencies with an influencer network of more than 3,000 KOLs in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico – these are hugely powerful markets for the creator economy and we help global brands and projects tap into them. It is great to see a platform like BULLZ and its underlying WOM Protocol, delivering the means to incentivize content creation and produce original content for brands at scale.”

Melanie Mohr, CEO & Founder of BULLZ said: “It’s an amazing opportunity for BULLZ and WOM to partner with Live The Future. We have so many projects seeking exposure in the Latin American markets and talking to Rodrigo, we immediately realized how strongly our missions match to empower web3 projects and creators. With their experience working with traditional companies and top clients, we’re excited to further scale community growth campaigns for web3 projects.”

About the WOM Protocol

WOM (word-of-mouth) Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any website, app or platform. WOM is backed by dozens of seasoned investors from around the globe. For more info about WOM: https://womprotocol.io


BULLZ is a dedicated platform for discovering authentic blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. Users can find trending projects, discuss them together with other crypto enthusiasts and experts and can get rewarded for sharing their own videos about the projects and companies they love. With the “create to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their recommendations directly within the app. For more information about BULLZ: https://bullz.com

About Live The Future

Live The Future is a fully fledged marketing agency for all types of projects on Web3, including: NFTs, Tokenization, Metaverse, DAOs, DeFi, GameFi and more. Focused on assisting web3 projects in the development of their products in the Brazilian and LATAM market, Live The Future provides plans and strategies to operate in web3. Customized solutions include: Community management, Influencer marketing, avatar and 3D modeling in the metaverse, Blockchain ADS, Paid Advertisement, PR, Instagram filters, Whitepapers and many more. Learn more about Live The Future: https://livethefuture.io/

Published On: February 16, 2023