Planet IX Launches New 1000+ NFT Pack, With More Than $1000 Asset Value

Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 16, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Planet IX is thrilled to announce the release of their new NFT pack, Cargo Drop 3, for their beloved web3 game. This latest pack holds more than 1000 NFTs and is the perfect entry point for new users looking to explore and restore the planet, as well as a must-have for veteran players who are looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

This new pack will include:


Cargo Drop 3 is packed with amazing goodies, including one of the most highly anticipated items, the Y_Rover. This new rover is the perfect companion for any player looking to explore the planet and discover its hidden treasures. With this rover, players can venture deep into the planet’s uncharted territories and search for valuable resources.

What makes this pack even more exciting is that it includes items that allow you to take full advantage of Mission Control and Marketplace v2. The GG Large Pack gives you in-game assets such as 1111 PIX, which are the foundation of the game. The Gravity Grade large pack is also filled with in-game assets such as the C ring Tile Contract which is used to upgrade your Mission Control to 36 tiles, as well as a chance at valuable in-game resources and assets.

Marketplace v2 is where players can trade in-game assets and buy new items, including the highly coveted M3TA MODS, which will currently only be available via the Cargo Pack 3 and possible to discover by having your Rover look for resources through Mission Control. Since this pack comes with the new Y_ Rover players will have a chance to discover more of this valuable asset, allowing them to take their gameplay experience to the next level.

For the ultimate personalization experience, the Avatar pack introduces new collectible NFTs that gives the player an opportunity to explore more of the story of Planet IX, as well as providing new in.-game perks through burning mechanisms.  

Planet IX understands that many players may be new to the game, which is why they have designed this NFT pack drop as a valuable entry point to the world of Planet IX. With its diverse range of items and features, Cargo Drop 3 is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey and set out on a thrilling new adventure in play2earn gaming.

About Planet IX

Planet IX is a leading web3 NFT-based strategy game where your goal is to restore a fallen planet to its former green-blue glory while uncovering its mysteries. The story is continuously expanding into a huge and immersive sci-fi metaverse, and the narrative is tailored towards bringing awareness of humanity’s impact on the world of today. The Planet IX map consists of 1.6 billion PIX, all being individual NFTs that you can collect. The PIX are acquired using the ERC-20 utility token called IX Token (IXT) which was launched on November 20, 2021. Today, the game has a dedicated community and high engagement, with 190k+ UAWs and 400+ million NFTs sold to date. As you progress in the game, you can form territories, develop new technology, raid other players, and gain ownership of in-game corporations with different functions and perks. Everything you collect has true ownership, and your mission is simple. Collect assets, use them wisely, and build the world of tomorrow.

Published On: February 16, 2023