C+Charge Partners With XMANNA To Create Own Metaverse in XLANTIS Opening for Entry into Gamification and Branding With Worldwide Sports Clubs

Miami FL, 20th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Wickham Cay, British Virgin Islands (January 19th, 2022) (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – C+Charge  (https://c-charge.io/), a crypto fueled electric vehicle (EV) charging network and utility token announces it will be partnering with XMANNA, the leading a multi-patented blockchain software provider that’s focused on building the future of engagement with a gaming service protocol, evolved sports loyalty applications, the metaverse, and creating true utility for NFTs. The partnership will have C+Charge be able to create its own space in XLANTIS, XMANNA’s unique virtual reality metaverse setting. 

XLANTIS is designed for the next era of interaction, gamification, social interaction, entertainment, and sports. Users will be able to gain different layers of access through digital memberships, owning land, or being a subscriber. XLANTIS is the realm in which there will be Sports Team partner land areas supporting their fan ecosystem and hosting a myriad of events and content to reward and engage people with. XMANNA has already partnered with many professional and collegiate sports teams in Europe and North America, most notably with the David Beckham owned Inter-Miami CF, being their ‘gamification’ partner. As part of C+Charge’s partnership with XMANNA, C+Charge will create virtual ‘charging’ stations where users can charge their cars in the metaverse, allowing to earn carbon credits and other NFT rewards. 

The C+Charge founding team commented “C+Charge is adding gamification to an already robust platform. Partnering with a great project like XMANNA will allow C+Charge to gain exposure to potentially millions of fans globally. XMANNA has established itself as one of the sports industry’s leading metaverse apps for fan and club engagement. Tapping into these large fan bases and their partners allows C+Charge to get direct exposure with these fans but also their clubs respective partners, allowing for the potential of many different and unique promotions with access to some leading brands. C+Charge has real life utility and real life use case, which makes it uniquely positioned to be able to capitalize on securing partnerships not only in the Metaverse but in the real world, giving us the unique opportunity to leverage XMANNA’s reach in the sporting world to some well known brands, further allowing C+Charge to become a leader in ReFi, and become one of the leading projects that bridge the crypto world with regular industry!” 

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C+Charge is a crypto fueled EV charging network and utility token aiming to unify the EV charging sector by utilizing blockchain technology to create an all inclusive payment and management solution for EV owners and EV charging station owners and operators. C+Charge aims to help build a sustainable future and be a part of the adaptation of EVs; its innovative carbon credits program allows token holders to accumulate carbon credits to be used towards their own EV purchase, further enabling environmental sustainability to be within reach of more people. 

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Published On: January 20, 2023