London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The market of the stocks in August 2021 was a bit challenging and the “pessimistic sentiment” was diffused. It seemed that the market had reached the limit of bearishness as it is supposed to be, but now we’re starting to see some signs which could indicate that this is coming again soon.

There are few stocks that we think look promising and which are looking to be a good long-term investment. We would expect that by the end of August 2021 these stocks will have paid off again and we can hope for some handsome profit in return.

Also, the broker from Chelsea Investments believes that for those who don’t like to take too much risk but still do need some decent money in their portfolio, these stocks will be good enough to suit their needs.


Gevo, the company that is anything but profitable may be making its way on a list like this. Although it was trading in the penny category in late 2020, it’s still uncertain whether or not Gevo will become one of the best stocks to buy now as well.

After recent profit-taking, Gevo stock has climbed by more than 59% YTD. The company is currently trading at record highs with its market cap touching $1 billion earlier this year as investors are eagerly awaiting the commercialization of bio-isobutanol after a successful NREL study on the product’s performance.

Gevo is a clean energy company that isn’t making solar panels, windmills, or batteries. The focus of this company is on the production of renewable fuels which makes it an interesting take to exposure in the energy stock market.

The company has developed technology that transforms renewable feedstocks like waste wood and food scraps into fuel. This includes jet fuels used in commercial flights which have been successfully tested by the company itself a few years ago.

In recent months, Gevo has been getting more attention from proponents of clean energy and demand from airlines and fuel distributors around the world. This increased interest is a result of political changes in favor of green technology innovation.

The clean energy space is likely to see major benefits from President Joe Biden and Democratic control of Congress. This includes legislation that will increase the production of green jobs, lower electricity costs for Americans, encourage investment in alternative forms of energy like wind power, improve national security by reducing dependence on foreign oil sources as well as reduce carbon emissions which help fight climate change.

Gevo, Inc. is an innovative company that has been around for over ten years and recently made a splash with investors in the clean energy space following their recent capital raise from private equity firms. They have plenty of support on Wall Street due to this movement as well as strong financial footing which makes the stock worth watching out for when it comes to making investments at current prices.

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS)

The Walt Disney Company is another household name on the list, even if you’ve never been to one of their theme parks. It may not be a surprise that many grew up watching Mickey Mouse or other familiar characters from movies and TV shows. If you are like most millennials who have cut the cable cord and prefer streaming services instead, then chances are good that you’ve at least heard about Disney+.

If you want to benefit from the company’s success, it may be worth investing in their stock.

The two main reasons why this could make sense are:

  • Disney has struggled without consumers traveling. Without people wanting to travel, its hotels and cruise lines have been struggling. The company’s theme parks are open but with only 35% of capacity; it hasn’t officially updated the allowance because they’ve increased their capacities up to around 50%. According to research done by economists, the COVID-19 virus has significantly reduced the demand for travel and vacations. However, this is likely a temporary issue due to people’s dreams of visiting Walt Disney theme parks around the world. When capacity restrictions are lifted in 2020 or 2021 as predicted, there will be an increase in consumer interest that could lead to significant rebound effects on tourism industries globally.
  • As of June 2021, Disney+ had more than 104 million subscribers. With a subscription rate that high in such a short time period since its launch and the fact it was beating out Netflix as one of the most popular streaming services for 2019-2020, this shows how much success they have achieved within their industry so far.

Despite having struggled periodically, Disney’s stock is unlikely to lose value. The company has had a history of making changes that benefit its growth and investors, so it doesn’t seem like this will change in the future. There are several potential opportunities for dramatic expansion ahead for Disney.

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