London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – In the stock market, you want to wait for a good entry point before buying. In 2021, the stock market will be in the red for almost the entire year. With little chance of a meaningful rally, you want to wait for the market to drop before buying stocks.

  • Square (SQ):

In this case with Square (SQ), investors should look out for it touching trend line from Aug 5 peak and break of that level which is 273.

Finally, investors also could use 289.33 as a high handle entry if they wanted to buy the stock now in hopes that it would continue rising without taking a pause first. A second-stage base is more likely to succeed than other types of early stages because many traders are still willing buyers at this point and anything you do will usually cause them to be interested even more so than before.

The broker from Green Tower Investments noticed that Square’s 11% surge towards an all-time high when I saw their trading volume increase by nearly 100%. They announced something big only days ago with huge implications for consumers and businesses alike – perhaps someone leaked information about what was going on? Or else why were there suddenly so much interest in buying shares instead of selling like we’ve been seeing over the last several months?

As it turns out, the company published a press release on Tuesday regarding their plans for “Bitcoin acceptance”.

“The future of payments is here. Square Market now accepts Bitcoin.” – Jack Dorsey, CEO/co-founder Square Inc.

The stock is doing well on multiple fronts and has managed to post a gain of more than 23% so far this year. The company received high ratings from Wall Street, with the Composite Rating standing at 97 along with earnings performance currently its strongest feature. In addition, it also holds an Accumulation/Distribution rating of B as well as Sponsorship rating A which are equally impressive by all means.

On Aug. 5, we will learned about the latest results from IBD 50 Stocks To Watch pick Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOX). In Q1 2019 earnings report it showed that sales increased 266% to $5.05 billion and there was a 41 cent profit per share in EPS compared with 2 cents loss before this which is impressive growth for company as its stock price has been up more than 48 percent year over year so far while analysts expecting 4 dollars or 56 % increase in next quarter.

Square saw a significant increase in revenue from its subscription and services-based products. Revenue for this segment was $558 million, up 88% from last year’s first quarter. The company’s popular Cash App delivered strong growth as well with an increase of 666%. 

The stock price increased significantly following the news that Square has experienced major growth through 2020 due to investors focusing on their digital payment processor Cash App (Cash). However, they warn that slower consumer spending is expected as government stimulus payments wind down by Q2 2021.

Square, the company that makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin on your phone has a new $170 million investment in Bitcoin. They also just bought more Bitcoins for an additional $50 million! The only bad news is they don’t count their holdings as part of adjusted earnings since the value keeps changing but overall this seems like great news for them.

Dorsey, CEO of Square confirmed the company’s plans to create a new business line that will help developers build financial services products focused on Bitcoin. The announcement was made in a tweet posted on July 15th where Dorsey explained their sole goal is creating noncustodial and decentralized financial services for everyone. As such, it appears Square may be joining some other cryptocurrency leaders like Coinbase by focusing more attention towards cryptocurrencies as opposed to fiat currencies.

  • Mercado Libre Stock

The stock closed up 4.3% last week, bouncing back after forming its handle base. The relative strength line took a breather as it formed the cup with handle but is now trying to move higher again.

Mercado Libre’s (MELI) price chart shows that we are at an ideal buy point of $1,899 per share because the asset has been trading in between support and resistance levels for weeks on end while creating new highs and lows along each trendline before pulling away from these lines altogether upon formation of the cup with handle pattern this past Friday close above both 200-day moving average ($2,043/share), which had served as strong overhead resistance since mid-2015 prior to breaking out; henceforth triggering bulliishsh market sentiment for going long. The cup with handle pattern offers a high probability trade signal, in addition to it being in line with the Fibonacci price retracement levels where the 61.8% level is $2,131/share and the 50% level is $2,105/share which matches up with channel trendline support; henceforth giving traders an opportunity make money in sustained uptrend above $1,899/share which should be followed by higher prices towards next resistance level at $3,629/share which serves as new all-time high since its inception back in 1996.

Mercado Libre, the company that was recently selected as IBD’s Stock of The Day gets about 93% of revenue from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. They also do business in Colombia, Costa Rica with Chile and Venezuela coming a bit later on their list at 7%. In total they operate 18 countries worldwide.

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