CoinMarketAlert – An Exceptional Crypto Price Alerting Tool For Effective Portfolio Management.

Zurich, Switzerland, March 10, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, CoinMarketAlert is a groundbreaking crypto price alerting service that offers an efficient way to manage your investment portfolio. With the ever-growing number of coins and tokens on the market, it can be difficult for investors to stay on top of the performance of their cryptocurrencies. The crypto market’s volatility and complexity can make it challenging for traders to make educated decisions, particularly if they lack the ability to consistently monitor market trends.

Founded in 2017, CoinMarketAlert offers numerous crypto alert options and portfolio tracking. Our goal is to assist new and experienced cryptocurrency and NFT investors in safeguarding their investments by providing the most advanced real-time price alerting and portfolio tracking tools. 

“ is a valuable resource for anyone interested in cryptocurrency,” said Roderick Warren, CoinMarketAlert CEO. “We believe that our platform is a go-to source for investors and enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the crypto world. We have also built a platform where worthless crypto assets can be turned into a valuable assets again”

Difficulties investors may encounter in keeping track of their holdings are simplified by providing real-time alerts on various aspects of their crypto portfolio, including:

Crypto wallet activities: Get notified every time you make a deposit or withdrawal from your wallet.

Price percentage: Keep track of the percentage change in a coin’s price, and receive alerts when a specific coin experiences significant price fluctuations.

Profit/loss: profit making is the sole aim of trading. Stay informed about your profit/loss information with CoinMarketAlert.

Crypto news alerts: Stay up-to-date on the latest crypto news and sentiments that can affect the price of coins. The odds may be against you if you are not well informed.

New coin alerts: An early bird catches the worm. Be the first to know when a new coin is listed on an exchange.

Airdrop and bounty alerts:Need free coins and tokens to start your crypto journey? Never miss an opportunity to earn free coins and tokens through airdrops and bounties.

Wallet balance: This feature puts an end to the constant checking of your blockchain explorer. it scans your wallet at your predetermined frequency and sends you a list containing the names and balances of each coin or token in your wallet. Keep track of your portfolio’s real-time balance with ease. 

Other alert options include

  • Cryptocurrency Price Change 
  • Price Change (By %) 
  • Volume Change (By %) 
  • Total Portfolio Value
  • Crypto Wallet Activity 
  • Recent High Or Low 
  • Trailing Stop 
  • Wallet Watch Alert
  • Frequency Price 
  • Portfolio Value Frequency

Furthermore, with CoinMarketAlert, you’ll also receive alerts on market capitalization by percentage, the market cap of a specific coin, and the overall crypto market capitalization. This information, together with your trading strategies, can help you make smarter decisions in the crypto market.

How it works.

Visit our website and create an account with us then verify the email you sign up with. You can  Begin with Our 15-day free trial, giving you a chance to try out our services before committing to a subscription. If you love what we do, you can continue with our annual subscription which costs 99 USD. 

However, Holding a CMA Vip pass NFT could be a better deal as it’s a token that grants an owner unlimited access to all the platform’s services and many other perks. It can be minted with Solana or a credit card. Learn more

Organizations who want to provide CMA services to either their staff or their community and portfolio managers or any other investment businesses can opt for our service as we are committed to offering discounts for large organizations with a minimum of 15 accounts. Contact us now!

Lastly, CoinMarketAlert’s 30,000+ subscribers receive alerts through email, discord, Telegram, Webhook, and Palmabot, at their predetermined frequency. We’re also working on adding WhatsApp notifications in the future.


CoinMarketAlert is an essential tool for managing your crypto portfolio. Our alerts provide real-time information on various aspects of your portfolio, helping you make better investment decisions. With our low pricing and flexible subscription options, subscribing to CoinMarketAlert is a no-brainer. Try it out today and experience the benefits of effective portfolio management.

Published On: March 10, 2023