Kardiachain Becomes The World’s First Blockchain To Support Physical And Digital Convergence With Kyokai

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, March 10, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, KardiaChain, the leading South East Asia-based blockchain ecosystem, has just launched the physical-digital bridging solution called Kyokai. The launch of Kyokai marks a significant milestone for Kardiachain in their journey toward realizing the vision of true Blockchain Mass Adoption. 

Kyokai, which means “Beyond the Boundaries” in Japanese, is an end-to-end (e2e) solution for digitizing and creating identities for physical products, activities, landmarks-locations, and artworks from the real world by creating and utilizing the nature of NFTs in the digital plane. In terms of technology,  The Kyokai technology solution comprises three main components: KardiaChain infrastructure serves as the blockchain layer connected to the online landscape; the built-in encrypted NFC chip on physical products; and the application layer designed for end-users. 

“While blockchain applications are often cumbersome and only serve small niches, the Kyokai solution assembles multiple seemingly independent applications to build a complete end-to-end ecosystem. Simply put, Kyokai offers an end-to-end, built-in solution that includes infrastructure, hardware chips, and software applications. This provides convenience and high applicability for the masses, regardless of crypto or non-crypto users. Our solution opens a new approach to seamlessly bringing NFT into everyone’s daily life across various segments of the physical world,” stated Tri Pham, Co-Founder and President of KardiaChain.

 Kyokai reflects the evolution of the initial KardiaChain’s vision in an elaborated long-term 10-year development plan. The combination of all KardiaChain and its partners’ current resources makes Kyokai a multi-functional bridge that can accommodate the four primary components of the physical world—identity, object, activity, and location—and is powered by KardiaChain blockchain infrastructure. 

To crypto builders, Kyokai is the solution for a blockchainised future. To non-crypto builders, Kyokai is an all-in-one tool for omitting blockchain concepts and accessing unique value propositions: improvable, accessible, interactive, and authentic. Kyokai provides platforms to enable products and items exchanging, activities tracking in both online and offline sense, such as Raramuri – a sports application connecting users regardless of physical boundaries; Ortho – a digital fashion house dedicated to innovation and authenticity that bring clothing from the physical world to the digital world, etc. In 2023, Kyokai would be applied to only a set of exclusive partners before becoming accessible by the public nationwide in Vietnam starting from 2024. 

About Kardiachain 

KardiaChain is the first and leading decentralized interoperable blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The platform provides hybrid blockchain solutions for governments and enterprises in the region, working with major service providers to decentralize their existing products. 

Since 2020, KardiaChain has completed the development of its mainnet and introduced the infrastructure native KAI token to the community. KardiaChain continues to innovate and contribute to the blockchain industry through its unique Dual-node feature. It addresses the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems and enables the communication between public or private blockchains regardless of protocols. Global mass adoption is KardiaChain’s ultimate goal, and creating a unified platform through participants’ collective strengths lays the foundation towards that goal. Find more at kardiachain.io 

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Published On: March 10, 2023