Crypto Fight Club (CFC) x Tefarian Party Partnership is Bridging NFTs into a New Metaverse

Tallinn, Estonia, Apr 18, 2022, ZEXPRWIRECrypto Fight Club (CFC) has announced a partnership with Tefarian Party, allowing its NFT holders to be synced with the popular minigame platform. With interoperability on the rise, Crypto Fight Club NFTs will not be limited to its games created within their platform.

All CFC NFTs are metaverse-ready and will be made compatible with the range of offerings inside the world of Tefaria. As long as you own at least one Crypto Fight Club NFT, you will have the choice to play in different game modes with both Mrs. Big Time or Flash.

In a move to promote its first big foray into the metaverse, Crypto Fight Club will sponsor a tournament with its native $FIGHT token, giving players the chance to win even bigger by participating in minigames on Tefarian Party.

The inner workings of the deal involved implementing the Crypto Fight Club NFT smart contract to the Tefaria backend database. When a user connects their wallet to the Tefarian Party wallet authentication, it recognizes if they hold an NFT from the relevant CFC smart contract. They will gain instant access to the open world metaverse of Tefaria and can start playing in a myriad of games.

With in-game communications, Tefarian Party boasts an immersive and interoperable metaverse built for gamers to relax, chat and play all in one world.

Rooms can be made private or public so people can look to earn as they play while joining games with friends and strangers alike. 

This is built on top of a launchpad system which provides interoperability to the GameFi space while Tefaria works with a range of products in the space. Their goal is to integrate more use cases to NFTs and allow them to communicate with each other in one open-world.

Crypto Fight Club will continue to forge partnerships to complement the development of its own metaverse. As its own platform continues to roar ahead, by the end of 2022 there will be a wide selection of ways for players to engage in gaming while earning and burning token rewards.

Media Contact

Ashton, Project Lead at Crypto Fight Club

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Published On: April 18, 2022