Legion Network announces a new super blockchain ecosystem

Legion Network promises to make the crypto world a better place by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that leverages its technology to content creators, brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs whilst taking their creative potential to the next level.

Over the last couple of weeks, Legion Network has become a well-known name in the NFT and GameFi ecosystem. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital collectibles (art, music, 3D models, etc.) that are unique and cannot be duplicated. It is akin to a one-of-a-kind trading card. Initially, NFTs were part of the Ethereum Blockchain. However, today, you have other blockchain networks, like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) supporting NFTs.

Legion Network envisions introducing new categories of NFT buyers into the Global NFT Economics. These include large and renowned corporate brands, celebrities, influencers and game developers to collaborate and engage with their audiences to generate art and boost their popularity. Game developers can crowdsource their design concepts to create unique weapons and skins for their players. The best aspect is that all these developers benefit from NFT technology and work without fearing anyone stealing their ideas and creations.

Legion Network combines the best blockchain services in one Super App. From Crypto wallets to NFTs, all the way to Gaming and SaaS.

Super Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Bluemoon – which is the world’s first collaborative NFT Marketplace. Bluemoon will allow brands, influencers and game developers to hold NFT contests amongst the community. It will also allow user to buy, sell, swap, rent, create and compare NFTs. You can also bring your NFTs to life by showcasing it in a personalised virtual gallery or view NFTs in Augmented Reality.
  • Legion Arcadia – a GameFi Play to Earn platform
  • Rewards – Complete tasks in order to earn NFT’s , Crypto and Prizes
  • Bizpad – Access to business applications by staking the Legion Token

LGX – The Legion Network Utility Token

LGX is the native token that will be used for accessing the Legion Network Ecosystem. The total supply is 1 billion LGX which is deployed on the Binance SmartChain. It will enable holders to qualify for NFT drops, earn rewards through playing games on Arcadia as well as Empower Academy (Learn To Earn), an educational portal also built into the super-app. 

In addition every SaaS application provided by Bizpad will be powered by the LGX token which will, for the first time, provide unique access to business applications and services. This will create instant usability for the Legion token which would replace traditional payment methods and as a result increase its global demand. 

Legion Network’s roadmap

Currently, the team is preparing for launch and closing its seed round of funding. Legion has already published a roadmap detailing its plans for the next 12 months. In the final quarter of this year, the Legion Network super-app will be available on the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Playstore. The Bluemoon NFT Platform will be available to the public and the alpha version of the VR galleries will be accessible.

2022 will be a big year for Legion Network who plan to add further utility for the LGX token by introducing a skills based NFT game and cloud based Saas applications. Bluemoon will also be showcasing its very own NFT Metaverse that will connect users together virtually.

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Explainer Video: What Is Legion Network?

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Media contacts

Name: Athar Ahmed

Company name: Legion Network

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Published On: April 19, 2022