Important announcement — Decurian ICO extended due to COVID-19 Pandemic so that the team will have enough time to finalize listing agreements with the exchanges and choose the best pairings with the ECU token.

Coronavirus is now a severe headache in the world’s economy and financial markets, as well as the crypto market too. As the market was bearish due to the Pandemic COVID-19 Decurian ICO (ECU) which has been sold out since Feb 18, 2020, suggestions from token holders and consultations with project team we have decided that it is in the best interest of the project to extend the ICO by further till May 15, 2020.

Since Decurian’s initial coin offering (ICO) from Dec. 18 to April 1, ECU has now increased its value from $5 to between $186 to $216 per token among cryptoexchanges before this cryptocurrency has even completed the ICO. We are glad that we have reached our market cap (upon listing), but we don’t want to give people the wrong optics on us. I think right now the world has a far more important thing to focus on other than an ICO of a crypto currency in founder Michael Chodorowski opinion.

The recent fluxes in the cryptocurrency market took a toll on the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as well as Altcoins, the celebratory phase came to a major halt. The reasons for the ICO extension is more to do with the implementation of safe guards for the token holders that want to transfer their tokens over to the new Decurian ACE token to be used on the meagainstu site. This has become a more difficult and complex issue than first thought. The code writers are working hard to launch the site by the end of April for registrations.

As the market will gradually recover from massive price declines that were experienced in Q4 2019 and investor confidence is slow down, We believe extension in this Pandemic and the current market will stabilize and move to the metric of an uptrend. This will help us achieve the more realistic price and a possible haven for stability after the ICO completes and populates subscribers wallets.

New ICO end date = May 15, 2020.

We say a big thank you for your understanding and support up until this point and beyond. Above all stay safe and a big thank you to the front line workers who make today and our tomorrow possible.

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