In recent times, we all have witnessed the entrepreneurial culture that has taken over the business world. A team of enthusiastic youngsters coming together to establish a startup enabling their business idea and getting recognition for their innovative concept. No matter how promising the plan seems the journey is not an easy one. There can be infinite challenges that these startups and SMEs face that it even becomes difficult to list them together. 

Thousands of startups are launched now and then however, most of them fail even before seeing the dawn. The reasons can be many but it’s majorly due to the failure in combating the problems thrown up to them. Poor Planning, shortage of investment, weak marketing strategy and tough competition are some of them as other hindrances can be unpredictable.

After listing the generic challenges faced by the startups and entrepreneurs, now it is also crucial to discuss the barriers in venturing into a cryptocurrency related business as more and more entrepreneurs are looking to invest into this promising industry considering the return on investment and growth the industry offers. But at the same time, they are totally puzzled when they are hit by troubles at each and every step. No doubt, it is a very competitive and technology led industry and alot of expertise and knowledge is required to leave a mark in the blockchain world.

If you are a Startup, SME or an entrepreneur entering/existing in the cryptocurrency business, then you would probably know the obstacles you face. To list out, some are :

  1. Maintaining liquidity
  2. In-efficient Technical expertise
  3. Monthly recurring high cost on Technical & Customer Support Team
  4. Legal Complications 
  5. Security System
  6. Poor Strategy & Planning
  7. Substantial investment

The good news is, there are many companies that are available to share the load with you and smoothen the journey of establishing a successful startup. Some of the prominent names like IBM, Binance, TimeBit are solving these problems, to make the entry to the Blockchain industry easier for willing Entrepreneurs & businesses. Timebit, a Singapore based company helps start-ups and individuals to own businesses to their names, control their finance ensuring maximum security, also removing almost all the hurdles frequently faced by most SMEs and start-ups.

To conclude, the journey could be a demanding one however, the destination is worth it. If you are an entrepreneur, find the right platform that would take care of all the problems on your behalf and bring you closer to your destination.