DLI-IT Group Breaks Ground in the Middle East with Their Powerful Performance Management Software

Dubai, UAE, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, DLI-IT Group offers their premium software HR WORKS to improve employee management.

DLI-IT Group is a renowned HR solutions provider company based in Dubai. They strive to ensure HR processes are easy, quick, and effective with their leading software called HR Works. With the software, the company enables businesses to get tech-based HR solutions that make administrative processes efficient. Utilizing the latest AI technology allows their software to not just automate administrative HR processes like payrolls, but also provide deep insight into problem areas. As a result, HR teams are free to focus on making strategies to improve employee experiences.

Through their robust performance management software, employers and employees can participate in the appraisal process. The system uses AI technology to collect employee data and provides real-time detailed insight into employee performance. It assesses their performance and sales output alongside their goals and skills through qualitative and quantitative holistic assessment. As a result, employers can make informed decisions about their employees. Additionally, employees also feel a sense of autonomy by being involved in the evaluation process. This allows them to stay aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Talking about their exemplary software, a representative of the company said, “Employee performance evaluation is essential to make the most of your teams and appreciate their performance. It’s imperative that businesses involve their employees in the appraisal process, especially when employee burnout is at an all-time high. HR Works involves both the employer and employee in the evaluation process. This allows employees to evaluate their project implementation progress, sales output, etc., in connection with their goals and competencies. As a result, employees can work to fall into alignment with the company’s goals.”

HR Works also offers other systems, such as recruitment management, payroll automation, time and attendance software, canteen management, etc.

Those interested in learning more about the software can do so with the information provided below.

About The Company

DLI-IT Group is a Dubai-based HR tech-based solutions provider. They also have an office in KSA. The company offers HR solutions with their premium HR software called HR Works. The software helps in HR functions like payroll automation, recruitment management, and more.

Media Contacts

Company Name: DLIIT

Email:- [email protected]

Website: https://dli-it.com/

Phone: +971 4 351 3733 (UAE), +966 544 963 785 (Saudi Arabia)

Address: Atrium Center, Bank Street, PO Box 27287, Dubai, UAE

Published On: August 31, 2022