DLI-IT Group’s Streamlined HRM Solutions Drive Business Growth in the UAE

Dubai, UAE, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Today, businesses have to integrate technological solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape. The same applies to HR management. Traditional methods of conducting HR processes aren’t just tedious, they also result in companies losing a lot of time and resources. However, finding the right HRM solutions that address these companies’ aims and goals is far from easy. DLI-IT Group understands this. That’s why they offer their tech-based solutions to optimize HR processes.

DLI-IT Group is a leading HR solutions provider based in the Middle East that aims to make HR functions easy, swift, and efficient with their HR Works software. The company offers reliable and cost-effective tech-based HR solutions that enable businesses to reduce paperwork and make processes efficient. Their software utilizes the latest AI technology and data analytics to automate payrolls, optimize recruitment processes, and streamline workflow with a project timesheet system. As a result, HR teams are freed from tedious administrative procedures to focus on other important strategical tasks.

Their software isn’t just beneficial in making HR administrative tasks easier. The HR Works software also enables HR departments to evaluate company employees. This allows them to not just optimize HR functions, but also identify any key issues. With the software, companies can easily evaluate employee performance to see if it aligns with their goals and objectives. Employees also feel autonomy in being involved in the evaluation and appraisal processes. Similarly, the employee self-service system makes it seamless for employees to receive paychecks, review attendance, check timesheets, submit leave applications, etc.

Speaking about their exemplary services, a representative of the company said, “Here at the DLI-IT Group, we strive to provide top-of-the-line HR solutions to companies. Our affordable services enable companies to streamline their HR processes and boost employee satisfaction. Not only does this reduce the expenditure of manpower, resources, and funds, but it also ensures employees feel involved. As a result, companies also see faster growth without compromising the quality.”

The company is renowned for its myriad of dependable systems that help companies attain control over all their enterprise operations.

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About the Company

DLI-IT Group is a renowned HR solutions provider based in the Middle East with offices in Riyadh and Dubai. They provide leading tech-based customized solutions to companies to help reshape their HR functions. Through their software HR Works, they currently provide various services such as payroll management, time and attendance management, payroll automation, and more.

Media Contacts

Company Name: DLIIT

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://dli-it.com/

Phone: +971 4 351 3733 (UAE), +966 544 963 785 (Saudi Arabia)

Address: Atrium Center, Bank Street, PO Box 27287, Dubai, UAE

Published On: August 31, 2022