Dubai Aesthetic Doctor Between Poetry And Innovation

Dubai, UAE, 8th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Social media in Dubai was trending with the news of the Syrian aesthetic doctor Muhammad Abu Arabi who’s been considered the care taker of A-List Arab celebrities when it comes to their beauty, skin care and rejuvenation

Dr. Mo Arabi came out with the Tri-Injection that contains around 49 ingredients giving a triple result to the skin as it helps tighten, brighten, and rejuvenation the skin all in this invention by Dr. Arabi 

And away of his medical success, Dr Arabi is also known for his vlogs, and poetry where he frequently shares pomes written and performed by him, with loads of emotions and honest feelings, that reflects his artistic soul, not only as a doctor who helps everyone looks younger and prettier, but also as poet who touches hears with his words, and warmth of his voice 

“I always find aim to find new ways to reflect the beauty of life and nature within everything I do, whether at my clinic where celebrities visit me on daily basis, or back home when I am by myself thinking and sharing words that I feel, and form it into pieces of art that talks about moments of my life” Dr. Arabi said during his latest vlog that went viral on social media 

He added “to me, beauty has to be natural, and that’s what I try to spread among my patients, and friends, and that’s why I also prefer to share over my social media, where no place for negative vibes”

And whether he is going to publish a book that contains all his poems, Dr. Arabi confirmed that “we live in the era of social media and online platform, so I love to keep a close relation with my fans and followers, and share my emotions with them in the form of a performed poem, the moment it happens, to keep it as real and warm as possible”

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Published On: February 8, 2022