The rise of a global philanthropic movement that’s changing the way giving happens

  • In just three weeks, a community of over 100,000 is helping to achieve the UN’s 17 SDGs

New York, 8th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, A global philanthropic community is seeing rapid-fire growth across the world as members unite to bring about change in the world. The community was initiated by Philcoin – an award-winning philanthropic movement in the blockchain bridging the gap between philanthropy and technology. Philcoin was awarded Social Impact Project of the Year 2021 at AIBC in Malta.

Just days away from its official launch in February 2022, Philcoin’s mission has spread further and faster than ever imagined. Philcoin’s CEO, Jerry Lopez, said, I am blown away by the communitys support. Weve been inundated with messages from around the world – from Asia to Latin America, Africa to Europe – from people who want to know how they can get involved. Our team is working around the clock, finalizing partnerships with incredible charities who share the same values we do, and our tech team is putting the finishing touches on our app that will connect the world to those in need.

Philcoin is the official cryptocurrency partner of the SDG Impact Fund and together they will be achieving the UN’S 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To explain the problems the partnership will be solving, Tony Suber, Executive Chairman of SDG Impact Fund says, Imagine a humanitarian crisis happens in the world – a typhoon, drought, earthquake, pandemic or war – how would you be able to help from a different part of the world? Theres no easy way to donate in an emergency, no single platform that exists for the sole purpose of helping those in need on a global scale and certainly not in the crypto space. This is the gap Philcoin and the SDG Impact Fund are looking to fill, together.

The past two years have had a monumental impact on the world, its people and resources. With the pandemic slowly abating, we are seeing an escalation in natural disasters and fluke storms devastating communities around the world. Now, more than ever, people need a way to support the causes and charities they are most passionate about. They need a space where not only is it easy to give back, but the funds are able to reach those in need quickly and efficiently. Philcoin will provide a space on its website, app and social channels for people to donate at the click of a button.

Over the last few months, Philcoin has created a robust network through its social channels and app downloads. Join the movement today and visit

About Philcoin:

Philcoin is an award-winning philanthropic movement in the blockchain whose purpose is to establish a global interactive ecosystem where the daily use of IOT “Internet of Things” (social media, television, means of communication) become a rail where people can earn while they use the products and services. 

Given our history of humanitarian support and endeavors, Philcoin’s purpose is to GIVE BACK while people transact in BLOCKCHAIN. 

Philcoin’s vision is to create the largest community of philanthropists around the world in a time and age where over 1.7B people are unbanked, over 55% of people in the USA alone cannot read a book at an 8th grade level, and where giving back has been ignored as a global initiative in the blockchain space. A space where billions of dollars have been directed to projects without a purpose. 

Philcoin’s mission is to help people build a digital economy while chatting, watching television, playing video games, getting educated and shopping. As well as using our philanthropic partnerships which allows everyone an equal opportunity in generating digital wealth, Philcoin uses Smart contracts which demonstrate a high level of a transparency, and a user-friendly environment, whilst fulfilling the purpose of the 17 SDGs and every humanitarian support in our ecosystem. 

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Published On: February 8, 2022