EDAC FOUNDATION will launch EDAC Coin the 28th of February

Miami, Florida, 11 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, EDAC FOUNDATION presents its ICO, taking place at PINKSALE.FINANCE on February 28Th.

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EDAC FOUNDATION is proud to bring the Initial Coin Offering to PINKSALE for the first time. 

The ICO will consist of a fair launch starting the 28th 21.30 CET.

More details about the event –

The price will depend on the demand because it’s like an auction. The fair launch uses an algorithm which tends to benefit the first to subscribe tokens. 

Investors can subscribe to the tokens in PINKSALE, using the Ethereum network and wallets like Metamask or Trust wallet. 

EDAC is the tokenization of mining power. Token holders can contribute to the process of securing PoW blockchain networks while benefiting from the block rewards directly with EDAC.

How does EDAC work? 

The process is as follows: 

EDAC tokens are sold and used to buy hashrate power, i.e. through rigs. This power generates mining rewards. The net income (around 50% of all ETH rewards) is used to buyback EDAC coins, which will immediately be burnt. This constant demand and decreasing supply should impulse EDAC price to new All-Time Highs. When an ATH is reached (not before), up to a 0.5% of token supply can be sold to buy new mining capacity, conforming a virtuous circle of returns.

“EDAC is an opportunity to take advantage from the crypto mining activity, while you benefit from the Ethereum performance, and while you receive bitcoins for free in your wallet”

Alex Costin Serbanoiu – EDAC CEO

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Website: https://edac.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edactoken 

Telegram: https://t.me/edac_io 

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Published On: February 11, 2022