When 100 million people wear smartwatches

Foshan, Guangdong, 13th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The real rigid demand is never completely designed by technology companies, but comes from the development of technology and the actual needs of human beings.

Taking the watch as an example, the human need to keep the time convenient at any time created the rationality for the appearance of the watch. The appearance of the quartz watch and the electronic watch solved the technical problem of the popularization of the watch, and the First World War provided the society for the popularization of the watch. condition.

Also after the First World War, watches began to be widely popularized among the crowd.

So what exactly makes 100 million people wear smartwatches?

As far as the actual use of smart watches is concerned, Lei Feng.com believes that smart watches mainly have the following two requirements:

First, the excessive dependence of human beings on mobile phones in life and work and the resulting information anxiety make message reminders (including WeChat, phone calls, SMS reminders, etc.) a rigid demand. Just as it is impossible to tie a pocket watch to the wrist, it is equally unreasonable to tie a mobile phone to the wrist, and the emergence of smart watches solves this need;

Second, the trend of device intelligence has caused humans to need a key that can efficiently control these smart devices. The relatively mature smartwatches in portable wearable devices have become a good choice. Human beings have higher and higher requirements for efficiency and higher and higher demand for control terminals. The functions such as analog access control cards, analog subway cards, and smart home control in smart watches solve this need.

For smart watch manufacturers, they are also eyeing another user demand that is growing wildly – sports and health.

Whether it is Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, or Huawei, Huami, and OV, they are actively working with major hospitals and research institutions to carry out research and application work in sports health:

In November 2017, Apple and Stanford University School of Medicine created the Apple Heart Study, sponsored by Apple to evaluate the Apple Watch’s irregular heart rhythm notification feature;

In July 2020, Huami officially announced the wrist intelligence jointly built by the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University/Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health/National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases, and Guangdong Nanshan Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute led by Academician Zhong Nanshan. The wearable joint laboratory was unveiled and launched;

In September 2020, when OPPO released the OPPO Watch ECG version, OPPO said that the OPPO Watch ECG version has obtained the first class II medical device certification of the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China… Based on OPPO Watch, OPPO has also cooperated with the national top three medical device certification. Vascular disease specialist hospital – Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has carried out project cooperation and research;

In October 2020, Huawei stated at a press conference that the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model is an authoritative national-level medical center through the joint “National Telemedicine and Internet” medical center, and professional doctors from selected top three hospitals provide artificial ECG interpretation services. , can give a report with a physician’s signature;

From the current technical point of view, the needs of message reminder and device control have been generally solved in smartwatches with higher and higher integration and stronger computing power due to the same line of functions related to smart phones. The bottleneck of sensor technology and detection methods still has a long way to go.

Lei Feng.com also mentioned in previous related reports that when the Apple Watch 6 was questioned about the inaccuracy of the blood oxygen measurement function in 2020, Apple officials responded, “This function is only for health reference, not as a medical diagnosis standard.”

OPPO smart watch experts told Lei Feng.com:

There are two main factors that affect the accuracy of smartwatch sports health detection:

The first category is motion artifacts caused by watch wearing and hand movement. When the hand moves, there will be continuous dynamic changes in the contact surface between the sensor and the skin, which brings challenges to the measurement of the watch;

The second type is human body differences. For example, different skin colors have different absorption capabilities for sensor light, which will affect the accuracy of heart rate detection. For example, women who are prone to cold hands and feet are prone to weak perfusion, which affects the accuracy of blood oxygen detection. sex.

At present, the detection of exercise, heart rate, blood oxygen, and electrocardiogram of smart watches are relatively mature, with high accuracy, and can even meet medical standards; however, the detection of blood pressure is still far from expected, and further technological breakthroughs are required.

However, he also pointed out that “smart wearable devices are more inclined to be used as an aid for professional medical diagnosis to help the public understand their own health status.”

It can be seen that the current sensor technology and detection methods are not enough to support smart watches to become human “personal doctors”, but this does not prevent various “watch factories” from developing and making them continue to be human “health assistants” evolution.

The real popularization of new products often requires the help of the times. Just as watches were really widely used after World War I, smart watches have begun to take shape under the wheel of the Internet of Things, and wider applications will also usher in new opportunities.

And as smart watches with message reminders, device control, and “health assistant” capabilities gradually take shape, it may symbolize another era.

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