Emerging Author Gives Voice to an Unborn Biracial Fetus in Her New Book

Rosemarie Cole adopts a unique approach to advocate for life, survival, and motherhood in “I am Fetus.”

Miami Garden, FL, 13th April 2023, ZEX PR WIREAuthor Rosemarie Cole’s “I am Fetus” is an eye-opening commentary on human existence, life, and survival, emphasizing the necessity of taking a stand in a polarized society. The book was published to answer the outcry against the reversal of Roe vs. Wade in a unique way. Rosemarie realized that the Christian masses didn’t fully grasp the biblical viewpoint on abortion and were unaware of the religious reasoning behind certain restrictions. Consequently, she set out to put forth her opinion in the only way she was confident: literature.  

“I am Fetus” is a story of an unborn child conceived out of love between a biracial couple. The fetus narrates the love story of its parents, talks us through the stages of development, and shares its hopes and fears as it grows into a fully human. Rosemarie makes us observe life from its most minute form and weaves a storyline of hopes, emotions, and unconditional love, prompting the readers to root for the fetus’ happiness and survival.

Rosemarie Cole is a bible school student training to be an ordained Minister so she can preach the gospel to anyone who would listen. She believes there is a vast gap between what people know about Christianity and what is true. Rosemarie has taken it upon herself to preach to the masses about the severity of ending life when it has already bloomed in a mother’s womb.

The story came to Rosemarie during a Nine Dots competition in 2021. She had to write an essay to answer “What does it mean to be young in an aging world?” The judges asked Rosemarie to be unique and creative, so she played to their terms by giving life to the subject of her story. Since then, her book has made plenty cry and reflect on their uninformed opinions.

“I am Fetus” is an ode to motherhood and a celebration of life and human existence. Rosemaries Cole has announced her support for everything good and pure and is now beckoning the sane and empathetic to rally to her cause.

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Published On: April 13, 2023