London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Many people who know crypto today, know it because of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first-ever crypto that was introduced to the world back in 2009. It happens to be the first decentralized crypto that made use of the public key cryptography in order to record, sign and send transactions to the blockchain. It still remains a mystery as to who was the person behind the first-ever crypto. It is said that the programmer who came up with a revolutionary idea worked under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”. He was the one who came up with this peer to peer electronic payment method. 

The Golden Sparrow

One of the major reasons behind the crypto buzz today lies in the fact that for each transaction, traders have to pay a very small amount. This means that when you are transferring huge sums the fee would be very small and reasonable. This makes it a perfect candidate for cross border transactions. Another feature that makes it fit for this is the lack of any third party which is usually the state or a state-owned financial institution. FinancialCentre Broker Andy Tutcher says that Where many people find it something helpful for uninterrupted transfers, states look up to it as a threat to their financial systems. You can transfer billions of dollars, even trillions, to any account and the country will remain oblivious to it which means traders can escape the large amount of taxes that sit in the way of maximum profits. This and many other reasons come together to make crypto’s and Bitcoin a popular option. It has been seen that many traders are taking an active interest in the area because they have an idea of how profitable Bitcoin can be. 

Although Bitcoin has come a long way from where it started, the ride has been a bumpy one. There have been many times when the traders and exchangers became hopeless about their assets but gradually it picked up pace and today it moves around the 50 thousand US Dollar point. This April, it hit an all-time high of 64,000 US dollars but three months later it went down to 30,000 US dollars. These days the digital token has reached a three month high and this is attracting many new investors.

What Is Powering Whale Movements? 

Mr Tutcher pointed out that in the past few days, there has been much news coming from the crypto spheres that have directed a lot of attention towards this side. PayPal has recently announced that the company would be launching its service in the United Kingdom to allow users to buy, sell and hold on to Bitcoin and other cryptos. These advancements are an indicator that the prices might soon be soaring even high and this has to lead the whales to make the moves. 

Some Noticeable Whale Movements

Bitcoin Whales are individuals or companies that are holding Bitcoins worth 50,000 million US dollars or more. These parties hold a large amount of Bitcoin and this makes them highly relevant in the area because their slight movements lead to price fluctuations. It has been seen that recently, the number of accounts that have been holding 50 million or more US dollars has increased. This rise has been observed since the end of June 2021. Mr Tutcher says that these whales have always been the “key forces” in the market. It has been observed that the whale activity has been in correspondence with the volatility of assets. The prices dropped in March this year and this was why many decided to sell. It was also the panic selling that led to a further drop after that. Reports say that huge Whales have acquired tokens worth somewhere near 10 billion US dollars. It is also seen that most of these are long term holders which is why their movements make a huge impact on the prices and hence the volatility or stability. 

These Whales have been extremely vigilant and influential in terms of the Bitcoin rate ever since Bitcoin has become relevant in the financial world. Many traders look up to what these Whales do and then design the next move accordingly. Today the number of accounts holding Bitcoin worth 50 million US dollars or more has risen and this has a lot to say about where the currency is heading to. Mr Tutcher says these statistics suggest that bitcoin has finally recovered from the financial shock it underwent a few months back. Many people seemed disappointed in them but the experts remained optimistic. They said that the currency has bounced back from situations even worse. A moment they can be soaring high and the next second they can be approaching the lowest point ever as a consequence of a tweet or a statement. With the Whales showing increasing interest, Bitcoin can anytime cross the 60k mark. 

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