London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Soon there will be a time where the world would be entirely relying on cryptocurrencies. Many might disagree with this statement but FinancialCentre Broker Dave Goldman firmly believes that cryptocurrencies hold the potential to replace fiat in the time to come. One of the key reasons why crypto has become this popular is that they have the potential to get you massive returns on your investments but no one can completely ignore how damaging it can be to the state. These days, crypto beneficiaries keep taking all the regulatory laws as an attempt by the government to take away their rights to trade the currencies but they need to be told that these laws are there only to ensure the safety of all sorts of crypto traders. The only reason why so many countries all around the globe straightaway banned cryptos was that these tokens are not regulated by any financial institution and hence, they can be easily used for money laundering and any such criminal activities. 

Crypto Fever Has Broken All The Shackles

The trend of actively investing in cryptos is no more restricted to one country or a region. The reports from all around the globe suggest that traders from diverse parts of the globe are exploring crypto in different ways. Keeping this in mind, many financial giants have started accepting cryptos such as Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify, AT&T, DoorDash and many more. A few have been rather confused about accepting and not accepting because environmentalists, rightfully, keep talking about the environmental aspects that are unfortunately not being addressed at a rate that could be called satisfactory. 

Many traders and exchangers think that if more multinational companies and giants accept the currencies then this makes crypto more stable and this reduces the chance of them being banned straightaway. 


PayPal is another company that has seen how promising cryptos can be and it can be seen that the company’s management thinks that if they stay away from it anymore, they might be deprived of a huge chunk of profit. PayPal is an American based Multinational which is a financing technology company that is known to revolutionize the online payment industry. PayPal provides its users with a trustworthy alternative to paper-based payment methods that have a much lower utility. The company was founded in the year 1998 by Palo Alto in California, America.  As of 2019’s second quarter, the number of total users was more than 280 million and now this figure has crossed the 390 million users mark. In a time of one year, the number of users has increased by 67 million which shows how much the online payment platform is trusted by the people. PayPal provides its users with an android and iOS supporting app so that their users can make payments easily. Keeping in mind the aim to facilitate the users, the company has made another move on the crypto front.

On The Road To Crypto

PayPal has finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. They have announced that it will be facilitating traders who wish to buy and sell cryptos. However, Mr Goldman says that this move might be experimental because for now, this offer is only for crypto traders who are residents of Europe. Now they can not only buy and sell but also hold digital currencies. It should be noted that this step is the first international initiative of the company which is outside its home country. With hundreds of million users of the forum, this move will make PayPal a financial company that will be the largest of all out there that will be offering its consumers access to users so that they can buy, sell and hold digital tokens. 

It should be kept in mind that the company has made such a move for the first time in Europe but they have already allowed crypto trading on their platform for the traders who live in the United States. This means that the company is on a mission to expand and an expansion in this dimension means that the crypto industry in Europe will enter another wave of the crypto boom. Because PayPal is a huge company and many smaller ones look up to it, Mr Goldman says that this might inspire the small fish to join crypto but in the end, the one who manages to satisfy the regulatory authorities and the consumers together wins. He further says that it should be kept in mind that with the increasing laws being enforced many crypto sector companies have been shutting down or divesting because of the unfavourable circumstances being created by different nations all around the globe. In such a time it remains a challenge for someone as big as PayPal to survive and serve the needs of Crypto traders well. 

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