The power supply is the energy core of the entire computer, and the stability of the power supply affects the stability of all accessories.

So how should the power supply be selected?

1. First, we must calculate the comprehensive maximum power consumption of the computer

The power consumption of the computer is different under different working conditions, such as 95w on power up and 35w on standby, and the game may be as high as 480w when fully loaded.

It is recommended that if the graphics card is not included, start at 300w, add the graphics card TDP, and add the surplus.

Why did it start at 300w? At present, the mainstream desktop level (excluding workstation servers), CPU thermal efficiency TDP exceeds 120w (non-power consumption) very few, like this year’s Ryzen 3, the highest silent frequency of 105w, this is passed From the power supply to the motherboard and then to the CPU, the general thermal efficiency *2.2 is almost the real power consumption (many people disagree, but can be tested), so theoretically there are nearly 250w, there are other equipment, such as motherboard, memory, fan, heat dissipation RGB, etc., require a relatively large load capacity. You need to install a water-cooled, RGB fan. Although the profiteer is imaginary, it is still very easy, and there is still room for normal.

2. Power conversion rate and standby power consumption

Generally, the better the quality of the power supply, the less the attenuation of the conversion process and the higher the conversion rate.

The conversion rate of the power supply is different under different loads. Usually, the conversion rate of the power supply is the highest in the range of 40%~60% for a long time (see the figure below). This is why it is recommended to buy a power supply with a slightly larger total output (with more people) At that time, large-displacement cars have less full load than small-displacement vehicles), mainly to use the best conversion rate, reduce heat generation, fan noise, and reduce the probability of capacitor explosion, and improve the service life of the power supply

3. Output ripple

Ripple and noise are AC components mixed in the DC output of the power supply. If you observe with an oscilloscope, you will see slight fluctuations in the voltage, like water ripples, so they are called ripples. Excessive ripple will interfere with the digital circuit and affect the stability of the circuit. Generally, filtering processing with FPCAP solid capacitors will reduce ripple interference. This is also often used in many advanced headphones in the past.

4. Wide voltage support

In some areas, the voltage is not stable. If there is no voltage stabilizer installed in the home, the voltage during the peak power consumption period during the day and night may differ by more than 10v. Sometimes turning on the air conditioner at night will cause the lamp to lose voltage and flicker. If the voltage is not wide-ranged By design, some voltage fluctuations may cause a blue screen restart of a certain part if the power supply is insufficient. The game is good, and the sudden restart is often the reason. This may be the most concerned about the old iron.

In summary, the power supply must meet two core conditions: stability and sufficient power.

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