United States, September 14, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE , As the DeFi sector continues to gain traction, numerous protocols are coming up with the promise of disrupting the way finance is done in the future. The newest protocol to spring up in decentralized finance is Avocado ($GUAC), a protocol that brings real-world assets to the DeFi space through flash sale crowdfund pools. 

The project sources exclusive high-value real assets and hosts them on their platform where users can take a percentage of ownership of these assets against USDC/USDT to earn $GUAC. They can then swap their $GUAC for UNI-V2 LP tokens instantly.  

The platform allows investors to put their stablecoins to work on liquidity pools that earn yields in the shortest period possible. The pools are hooked to fixed time countdowns, ensuring that users can earn more $GUAC as they wait for the asset pool they deposited stablecoins to earn yields. 

Investors earn yields as soon as the staked USDC/USDT gets liquidated on achieving an appreciation in value.

Round 1 Token Distribution 

The $GUAC project started its round one token distribution on Sep 12, 2020, aiming for a soft cap of 156 ETH and a hard cap of 1506 ETH. 

One $GUAC token is currently worth 0.06$, which is 15x of presale price. About 14.6% of the tokens have been sold out at the time of this article’s writing. 

As per the Avocado dev team, investors will receive $GUAC in the same wallet after the closure of round one. Interested investors must deposit a minimum of 1ETH and a maximum of 30 ETH to participate in the project’s presale token distribution. 

After completing the token presale offering in about 50 hours from press time, the total market cap for $GUAC should hit $1.8m. The project has a total token supply of 75 million $GUAC.  

Avocado Sets for Listing on Uniswap  

As per Avocado’s official Telegram post, the project will be listed on Uniswap and its forked protocol Sushiswap on 24/09/20.  The crypto community is excited about the new DeFi protocol. One Telegram user comments that the project seems legit and offers considerable gains in the coming days. 

The twitter community is buzzing about Avocado’s imminent launch, with user Ashima ATMdeep noting that the project will bring DeFi to the next level. The DeFi project team promises to publish all details about the project after completion of presale rounds.