Cleveland, Ohio, United States, September 10, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE

Renowned non-profit organization “Speak Into The Light ” is ready to open its door again to serve the community in Cleveland, Ohio. The platform has been closed since March 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The founder Lytoni is now excited to announce that the organization will start functioning again as of September 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of families. Parents are struggling to balance working from home, searching for a job, or managing unemployment paperwork with supporting their child’s distance learning. Students are struggling to adapt to distance learning, while missing their friends and dealing with the disappointment of a significantly altered schedule and routine. With so many things being cancelled and so many restrictions in-place for families, isolation, loneliness, and depression are growing threats to family’s mental well-being.

Speak Into The Light reopening plans includes:

Forming a co-op group to address these issues and provide platforms that give social engagement to children and adults while dealing with the pandemic. They will offer year around virtual programs including “Don’t Be Rude” and “Y.A.S.S program”. Speak into the light is proud to announce their remote learning center. A safe place for school age children to virtually learn. Moreover, they will have quarterly field trips and field days throughout the year. Where they have chosen games and activities that will allow social-distancing rules to still be honored. Speak Into The Light mobile office and event set up can host 50 people and accommodate social gatherings with respect to safe practices like constant hand washing and social distance. Speak Into The Light has obtained the latest technology, PPE equipment and supplies to allow their GED testing center to function adequately and safely. 

Engaging in outdoor activities not only keeps the community active and healthy but also provides important family bonding time. Speak Into The Light understands the importance of having a balance of mental health in the community. Speak Into The Light has a team of well- educated, well-mannered, and hardworking personals and volunteers That’s committed to helping other people in the community. They have used their creativity skills and refurbished the non-profit organization. Who’s mission is to give solutions to everyday problems and bring an overall positive change to the community.

About Speak Into The Light:

“Speak Into The Light” was established in 2013 Its founder, Lytoni Brown Beckham is a passionate, hardworking, and overall phenomenal person. Speak Into The Light operates a GED testing center in Cleveland, Ohio. The organization offers CPR/ First Aid/ AED blended learning courses on a one-on-one basis. Also Speak Into The Light distributes toys for TOYS- FOR – TOTS every year and organizes various programs such as the Don’t Be Rude and Young Adult Supplemental Program (Y.A.S.S). In addition, they just added their mobile office and events to cater to the growing needs of the community.

Contact Details:
Name: Lytoni Brown Beckham
Contact: (216) 421-5085