FutureCoin aims to launch the first decentralized crypto and stock exchange, where cryptocurrencies can buy stocks.

Bucharest, Romania. 13th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Filip Cristian, CEO, and Filip Lusitanian, co-founder, founded FutureCoin, a Romanian cryptocurrency project.

According to CEO Filip Cristian, the idea came to him about two years ago. He was considering ideas that could alter the DeFi industry’s landscape. He had a dream about it one night and started working on it the next day.

FutureCoin projects include Destiny Wallet and Destiny Swap and their crypto & stocks exchange, where they hope to provide investors with the ability to buy stocks using Futurecoin’s cryptocurrency.

According to internal reports, their projects (Destiny Wallet and Destiny Swap) are already beta testing. Furthermore, using their TRADELINK technology, they have created a revolutionary validation system for blockchain transactions – POT (Proof of Trade), which they are currently developing on TESTNET.

FutureCoin is a cryptocurrency and stock exchange platform that aims to revolutionize the crypto space by purchasing stocks with their cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, the FutureCoin project has a Dividend System in which the secondary coin (TLINK) is distributed to FutureCoin holders every month.

Futurecoin hopes to bridge the gap between the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market using their platform. In addition, they hope to be a leading DeFi product in driving mass adoption of blockchain technology and accelerating the growth of DeFi by doing so.

The complexity of current DeFi products and the need to be technically savvy to understand the DeFi landscape fully have been identified as issues with DeFi.

Futurecoin intends to lower the barrier to entry into DeFi and currently has 12 projects on their roadmap, including an NFT marketplace, a cryptocurrency scan site. A groundbreaking solar vehicle to achieve their primary goal of revolutionizing the crypto space by launching the first 100 percent decentralized crypto bank with crypto credits, balances, credit & debit cards, ATMs, and other services. They have begun preparations by obtaining a banking license in Malta.

FutureCoin has already received nearly $3 million in investment funding, including $2 million from a private investor, for their project (verified information).

The two brothers, particularly the CEO, Filip Cristian, believe that the FutureCoin project will be a game-changer for DeFi and the rest of the world. Although it is still in its early stages, the project appears to be promising, but it remains to be seen whether this young founder’s goal can be realized in the DeFi space.

The FutureCoin presale is currently underway, and if you want to be one of the early adopters, you can find out more information on


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