New York City, New York, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Product development should be taken with the utmost responsibility, since you can simply lose your time and other important resources due to common mistakes. A Digital Transformation Strategy is a detailed plan for using digital solutions to improve the physical aspects of your design, manufacturing, and service business. Anyone can create programs today. But for their quality, when creating them, it is worth following some steps. 

Today we will look at the rules for creating software. To develop a program, writing code is not enough. Coding is just one of the points of creating software.

Development points may change, differ, but still, the most basic remain.

Step by step development of computer programs

So, the order of development includes the following items:

  • Finding the problem that the newly created software will be. Before you start creating code. It is necessary to determine exactly the problem that this program will help to solve. At the same time, this problem should be written clearly for users. This point is the most important. In other words, it can be called the foundation of programming. 
  • Define and develop claims to the created application. At this stage, it is worth remembering all the requirements that the future program must fulfill. Programmers call these requirements specifications. 
  • All of these requests must be documented. It is necessary to do so that in the future there will be no accusations that the program does not fulfill any requirement that is not included in this document. Such requirements should be kept at the initial stage of development. They will determine the functionality of the future program.
  • Planning to create an application. Speaking in simple language that everyone can understand, this phase should show a plan for what the developer will do next. 
  • Development of program architecture. This stage is important, without architecture you can find the right problem, but the solution to this problem will be wrong.
  • Detail design. Often this stage is similar to coding, but only in the case of creating small programs. If the program is being created large, then this stage is separate and great attention is paid to it. 
  • Many people think that this link is the most important and the only one. Code is written and debugged on it. 
  • Next comes the testing of all components, testing the system. Well, the last, final stage is optimization and making changes if necessary.
  • Technical support. After the completion of the work, the product, as a rule, needs further technical support. At this stage, the developer offers temporary or permanent support in order to reduce the risk of failures after the launch of the new system and ensure rapid recovery in case of problems. Temporary maintenance involves the elimination of possible shortcomings for a limited period


Working with an outsourced development team should be convenient and efficient, so the choice of an IT partner should be approached with all responsibility. Even at the presale stage, you can determine how suitable the developer is for you, whether he cares about the client, how competent the contractor’s specialists are, how quickly the contractor responds to your wishes and whose interests are priority for him – your business or his own.

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