XPeer Continues to Help Businesses Reach Target Service Providers Through Their AI-Enhanced Matching Services

The leading online B2B marketplace stands out for its use of innovative technologies to generate intelligent results with minimum input

Baar, Switzerland, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Technology is taking over people’s  lives  and it continues to reach new heights of scientific research and development. Each new invention renders its predecessor obsolete, opening new horizons for humanity to prosper. Technology has progressed to a point where machines have started imitating human intelligence and learning capabilities. Within two centuries, humans have witnessed the fourth industrial revolution in the form of artificial intelligence. AI has radically altered how individuals acquire, handle, and process data. The invention of “thinking” process for machines has  how businesses operate in conventional environments. From personalization to future business predictions and automated decision-making, AI has altered the perception of big data and how it can be processed to benefit a business. Be it search engines, customer services, or matching results, AI-based algorithms, also called bots, have been helping businesses and customers get the precise information they are looking for.

Xpeer, an emerging online B2B marketplace, is leading from the front with AI-enhanced matching services. Using business information and search preferences, the AI-powered search bots look for the best possible matches of businesses and service providers. It uses the data input to filter out search results and present the user with optimal matching results. It also auto-generates proposals for businesses that are planning to outsource services or digital product development. With thousands of companies registered with Xpeer, its AI-enhanced matching services prove to be a groundbreaking technology to help businesses in effective decision-making.

“Xpeer is not an ordinary B2B business listings site; we have much more to offer.”, said a spokesperson from Xpeer. He further added, “We have detailed business profiles, performance histories, evaluations, and even testimonials on record. Our cutting-edge AI-enhanced Xpeer Score and matching services assist organizations in narrowing their alternatives and selecting the best among the best. Our advanced algorithms offer organizations a clear picture of where each service provider stands. Instead of scanning whole business directories, our AI-enhanced algorithms are essentially assisting them in deciding which firm to select.”

Xpeer has come a long way in its use of technology in practically all essential operations of B2B marketplaces. Xpeer is consistently outsmarting competition and winning consumers’ trust with cutting-edge technology and smart decision-making capabilities with each breakthrough solution they provide. With extraordinary features and unswerving service, Xpeer is slowly taking over the B2B marketplace.

About Xpeer

Xpeer is a leading online B2B marketplace with an aim to provide a single platform for businesses to connect with each other for digital products and services. Thousands of companies from diverse areas of service are currently registered with Xpeer. If a company needs services from another business, it can explore the online platform for the best match or use Xpeer’s AI-enhanced search tool.

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Published On: August 16, 2022