Dubai, UAE, 14th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Dr Anil Khare, top IB Math specialist tutor in Dubai, gives expert advise on how an IB student can excel in Math HL. With years of experience providing IB Math tutoring services in Dubai, he is well-versed in all Math topics and is the best person to provide effective strategies to tackle the challenging topics in Math HL.

“From my experience, Math HL in IB is one of the most challenging subjects that a student is required to study. It definitely needs more planning and preparation than the other subjects if you wish to score well. Rather than make a plan that extends over, say 4 months, it is effective to keep aside a period for Math in which you do intensive revision. You may do this during your free time, where once all your homework is done you devote some extra time for Math HL,” he explains.

Adding further, he says, “During the period of intensive revision, take each topic one after the other. You may learn from the textbook and then try to answer the questions that follow to ensure that what you have learnt has been comprehended and will remain in your memory.”

According to him, Math, especially HL, requires a lot of practice in order to ace it. “Practice helps in familiarising the concepts so that one can be ready for any kind of questions that will be asked. Practice also helps in gaining speed in solving the questions; even if you are using the calculator to solve problems, practice helps you attain speed in using the calculator! This is why practice is extremely important to score well, especially in Math HL.”

Another point that he made had to do with time management. “It is absolutely essential for an IB student to be able to manage his/her time well. Time must be allocated for study, keeping extra time aside for those subjects that the student finds more challenging and the ones the student would like to challenge him/herself in. A student can only excel in IB if he is organized and is able to stay committed to his studies.”

With a doctorate in Mathematics, Dr Anil Khare is reputably the most sought-after Math tutor in the Middle East. At his institute in Dubai, he provides bespoke tutoring services that encompasses subject tutoring as well as assignment assistance and exam preparation. Apart from this he also helps IB students find the perfect path to choose as far as their university studies are concerned.

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