What better time to throw a garden party than Summertime, Summer is the best suitable time for a party, after a long winter packed in the houses. 

If you are also planning for a garden party this summer, then you must take a  look at the below elements in mind before planning to throw a party, whether you are planning for a decent wedding party or you think for a fun filled party these tips will help you to organize the party in a better way.

Tips which keeps in mind before throwing a Garden Party

Prepare for any weather

British weather is continuously changing in summer time, so be prepared for every weather before arranging a party. 

You need to take help from the weather forecast before going to invest in  arranging your party.

If you find the weather rainy then you should invest in tents and pavilions. There are lots of rentals who provide everything you need in making your party look classy. 

Select a Party Theme 

You can always enhance your party beauty by choosing a perfect theme, a perfect party theme can help us in choosing the decorations according to it.   

A theme can be decided according to the kind of event you want to celebrate whether its a birthday party or wedding party etc.  

Light up your party

Lights are the life of any party, if you are planning for an evening summer party you must take care for lights. 

The good lights like lamps, string lights, tea lights and sun based controlled open air lights creates a cosy environment for a party. 

Maybe some unwanted guests like insects can ruin your party, so don’t forget to use scented candles and insect killers to flee them from your party.

Sitting arrangement 

A complete seating arrangement is much essential for relaxing the guests. We don’t need to purchase all the furniture for our party night, we can even take those festgear from various rental stores also. 

Another modest option is logs and tree stumps, as they can likewise bend over as seating arrangements while giving your nursery a peaceful forest inclination.


Decoration is the key element in every party, after picking a classy theme the next step is to decorate your beautiful garden to make it more beautiful. 

It will also help you manage and choose the food and other facilities according to the selected theme.

The decoration includes the coloured helium balloons, simple flowers and pretty napkins on the food and welcome tables.


Summer party is the best time to show your elegant furniture to your friends and family, you can also arrange these furniture from any rental space also. The furniture in the party will become the best friends of many guests in the party. A perfect furniture arrangement includes the separate conversation pits with comfortable seats and tables decked with plates overflowing with your preferred snack.

Kids entertainment

If the childrens are also invited to the party, make sure they must be entertained. Set the perfect environment for the children with several  fun activities like different games,bouncing castles and other suitable elements which makes the childrens happy and comfortable.

Party Music

Music will make an amazing effect in your garden party, you must choose a perfect party playlist to entertain your guests, no party without music will set the scene for the gathering.

Make an enjoyment feel with Summer party tunes or make a casual night environment with jazz.

Backup plan

Last but not the least, you must set a backup plan for your summer party. As we all know, environmental conditions are not in our hands. So be prepared with alternative gazebos and tents where you will turn your food and guests if the weather will change.