SEO consultant or SEO Agency | What should you choose?

Want to increase your website traffic?

If yes then read this article completely to understand the need of SEO  in ranking a site.

Increasing our site organic traffic  by following SEO techniques is a very good source to convert the traffic in paying customers. But when it comes to applying such SEO strategies for our website we don’t know which SEO technique will be best suitable for our website, choosing the appropriate process for ranking our website is not easy for us without taking help from an SEO Expert.

There are two types of SEO expert, one is SEO consultant and another is SEO Agencies. Here we need to understand which expert will help us better to grow our Website. 

Here is the quick guide for understanding which SEO expert is good for our website.

SEO Consultant or SEO Agency

Benefits of choosing a SEO Consultant

There are many benefits of working with a SEO consultant than a SEO Agency.

  • SEO Consultant is a professional person in that field which helps us in every area to rank our website in the correct means. We can easily call, email and text anytime to a Consultant for asking any relevant questions regarding our project.
  • Hiring a freelance SEO consultant is very effective in cost also, whether a  professional SEO agency is the most expensive choice.
  • But what is really good about SEO Consultant is we always know who is working on our project, unlike a SEO agency who outsourced our projects and even takes more than a week to answer the questions.
  • An SEO Consultant may also take care of grey-hat/black-hat tactics, as it will make his/her career growth down if they do so.
  • As a general rule, they are exclusively concentrating on SEO, so they think about the present patterns, most recent Google algorithm changes, most recent strategies, etc. A good SEO Consultant provides services like Keyword Analysis, On-Page SEO,  Internal and external linking etc.
  • After ordering a consultancy service from a SEO Consultant, you will get a faster response with good results in increasing your website growth and income.

Benefits of a SEO Agency 

  • SEO Agency is an organisation or a firm who provides various SEO services to its customers. These firms charge the fees according to the projects and customer needs.
  • Although the annual fees charged by these firms may seem higher than others, But the services offered are also not less than cost.
  • These agencies may work with various projects around the world with different professionals, so they can work on our projects with better experience and knowledge.
  • An SEO agency provides various services like Social media marketing, Content Marketing and PPC ads, email marketing etc.  These agencies not only work with your SEO growth, they may also help in overall website growth.

What should you choose?

Here you need to decide which type of services you want according to your website, if you are a medium site holder and want to increase your website traffic and also need good on-page SEO with taking all latest google algorithms and trends in mind then a good SEO consultant is much better for you.

However, if you have a huge budget and have big sites then definitely you may like an SEO Agency.


Published On: March 6, 2020