IDCM Rebrands To Klickl After 5 Years As Innovative Features Like Contract Trading And Bridge Market Aim To Impress

Hong Kong, May 14, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, IDCM has decided to rebrand after 5 successful years in the blockchain sector, and supporters are being encouraged to keep an eye on future developments and on ‘Klickl’ as the best is yet to come.

The significance behind ‘Klickl’

Some of you may be wondering where the term ‘Klickl’ came from. It refers to the sound of coins clicking together, which also makes a ‘jingling’ type of noise. As to why this is important, we have to take into consideration IDCM’s origins which are in Hong Kong. In that part of the world, this particular sound is often viewed as a sign of good luck. Building upon this idea, the logo depicts (crypto) coins and a dollar note piled, giving a visual to the sound it means and resembling a bridge simultaneously.

The idea is to position Klickl as the bridge that connects traditional finance to blockchain. The team itself, founding IDCM in 2017, consists of former Wall Street executives, government officials and engineers. As a result, the logo embodies both the company’s beginnings and its ambition, which is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for both everyday life and everyday business operations. Some impressive numbers involve the aforementioned 5 year legacy, 1,500,000 active users, 10 Alliance members, and 9 crypto licenses across the globe.

Klickl is a long-standing digital asset exchange platform that pioneered the notion of Alliance exchange. In a nutshell, it aims to enable retail investors to successfully and easily trade crypto assets in a safe and secure environment, with transparency and execution being the top priorities along with providing liquidity to businesses by listing their tokens, offering a full exchange framework or perhaps simply giving key modules to keep up with the ever-evolving blockchain space.

Alliance solution, contract trading module, and bridge market are the most important services for most enterprises. In fact, the Alliance solution is a one-of-a-kind franchise model which eliminates the liquidity shortage problem that is often associated with a traditional isolated exchange and thus enables firms to obtain a fully functional independent exchange endorsed by Klickl in just 5 days.

Contract trading

As the complexity of cryptocurrency trading grows, merely spot trading no longer meets the market’s ever-changing needs, and contract trading therefore inevitably becomes the next area of growth. As one of the exchanges that provides such a trading option, Klickl is actively identifying the trend and staying on top of any and all market movements and price action.

With such a trading audience in mind, and as traders themselves, Klickl team made a unique change to their contract trading module. When traders visit the site, they have the option of making a combined collateral deposit from a wide range of cryptocurrencies and can hence select what they want to trade in the crypto futures market. This way, investors would no longer need to give up their long-term holding positions in order to profit from short-term market chances in futures trading.

Bridge market

Presently, just 3.6% of the world’s population owns or utilizes cryptocurrencies, demonstrating the industry’s vast unrealized potential. From 2016 to 2017, there was a craze for Initial Coin Offerings and Initial Exchange Offerings, which drew the public’s attention to the potential of crypto as a viable substitute for fiat and other traditional financial instruments, when combined with blockchain technology, potentially disrupting all of the relevant industries.

Moreover, there existed DeFi in 2020, which used cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to conduct financial transactions, intending to democratize finance by replacing conventional centralized financial institutions with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) interactions. Most recently, gamification, the metaverse and NFTs have all become increasingly popular as well.

As a result, the basis of this sector is to recognize such potential usefulness, be the first to apply the technology, and capture the great commercial prospects that arise from such a practice. Bridge market, Klickl’s unique proprietary solution, permits traditional forex traders to utilize the most widely used trading program, MT4, to immediately trade in cryptocurrency futures trading without even knowing the exchange’s interface.

This is the ‘bridge’ that connects the massive forex trading community to crypto futures trading and as such, Klickl team believes this will be one of the main game changers in this market, and that Klickl will thus be among the first to provide this solution.

Past accomplishments

The exchange successfully built global exchange alliance partnerships with up to 15 countries with a combined total trading volume which resulted in ranking amongst the top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap. The team also launched the previously mentioned contract trading feature, and work on the bridge market offering is being carried out as we speak.

By completing the all-new futures trading and crypto wealth management product suite, the team was able to not only offer some innovative features and services, but also focus on the vast majority of crypto investors who are relatively new to the industry. With that in mind, by becoming the ‘Shopify’ of crypto exchange solutions, the team is actively trying to make the industry increasingly accessible for these newcomers via the offering of the scalable and resilient Alliance solution, which will also culminate in the creation of numerous branches around the world. Finally, they experienced successful regulatory and compliance progress as their worldwide reach expanded with additional licenses in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Lithuania.

Future goals

The team intends to achieve more market share by fully leveraging Klickl Alliance solution and launch new branches worldwide while steadily enhancing their new brand. They shall hence continue to drive product innovation in order to provide the greatest experience for their users and to nurture new business clients inside their ecosystem spanning areas like payments, wallet, exchange, and wealth management.

About IDCM

After 5 years in the blockchain sector, traveling through bull and bear markets and focusing on building their ecosystem infrastructure, IDCM team presents a whole new appearance and product suite, unifying their payment gateway, Alliance solution and exchange platform into Klickl.

By rebranding after a five year legacy, the team strives to underline that they are completely devoted to providing consumers with the best financial products, with innovative features and an entirely new and enhanced blockchain technology and product suite to meet the demands of Web 3.0 users, businesses and organizations.

For more information, visit the official website, Twitter and Telegram channels.

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Published On: May 14, 2022