CateFarm announces dual passive rewards in CateCoin and Catpay

Tallinn, Estonia, May 14, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, With CateFarm, holders passively earn high yield rewards paid in both CateCoin and CatPay.

CateCoin launched in 2021 and immediately took the crypto world by storm. With its catchy name and fierce CateArmy, it has amassed over 170,000 devoted holders at the time of this writing and is now one of the largest non-dog themed memecoins in the world. The release of various projects has only added to the excitement, including a play-to-earn NFT game called the Rise of Cats, a decentralized payment token known as CatPay, and a rewards based meme creation dApp. CateCoin is poised to directly take on Dogecoin for Web 3.0 dominance in the coming years.

Nowadays, there’s even more reason to be bullish on CateCoin dual rewards farming tokens. A portion of the tax collected from all buy and sell orders of CateFarm is used to purchase both CateCoin and CatPay at market price. These rewards are, in turn, distributed to CateFarm holders. The higher the volume of buys and sells, the more rewards are generated.

The CateCoin and CatPay charts are positively influenced by all the CateCoin and CatPay purchase orders, which occur whether CateFarm is bought or sold. All holders have an opportunity to earn with CateCoin and CatPay, while also increasing the value of those tokens through CateFarm transactions.

CateFarm will also be introducing CateWorld, a farm-themed gathering place in the metaverse. Here, the CateCoin community will have a place to come together, have fun, trade NFTs, and own a plot of virtual farmland. The plot of land will be upgradable through completing tasks, winning competitions, and purchasing add-ons through an NFT marketplace.

The CateFarm team is composed of some of the most fervent and long term CateCoin supporters. Determined to make both projects a success, CateFarm was truly founded by the people, for the people. 

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Published On: May 14, 2022