Tallinn, Estonia, May 14, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, CateFarm is a dual rewards based cryptocurrency token that allows investors to passively earn CateCoin and CatPay. CateCoin is one of the biggest meme tokens in the crypto world and CatPay is its dedicated payment token, similar to SLP is the payment token for Axie Infinity. Holders of CateFarm will see regular disbursements of CateCoin and CatPay simply for holding CateFarm in their crypto wallets.

The team behind CateFarm will also be introducing CateWorld, which is a farm-themed gathering place in the metaverse, complete with virtual plots of land and NFTs.

CateWorld will offer a gathering place not only for CateCoin holders, but for anyone who is a fan of cat-themed memes, cats, kitties, kittens, or is just plain sick and tired of dog-themed tokens, including dogecoin, ruling cryptocurrency.

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