Join The Sustainability Movement with The Whaley Center This Upcoming Earth Day!

Fayetteville, NC, 11th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Whaley Center, a shopping center of retail resale stores, is inviting the people to join them in sustainability for the upcoming Earth day.

On April 22 of every year, the world observes Earth Day. This event is focused on demonstrating support for the safety of the environment. With the theme of 2022 being “Invest in Our Planet”, The Whaley Center has been playing an important role in sustaining the environment and the earth.

The Whaley Center, having three retail resale stores (Once Upon A Child, Clothes Mentor, and Plato’s Closet), has been sustaining the environment by recycling clothes, shoes, toys, equipment accessories, and handbags which have provided support to local businesses in Fayetteville and kept money in circulation in the community. The Whaley Center is inviting the people in Fayetteville to join them in the sustainability movement on the upcoming Earth Day. When you shop secondhand, you are putting a stop to that enormous waste of resources and power used for the manufacturing of new clothes. It helps to save money that will be put back into the growth and development of the economy.

Consignment stores help to reduce the rate of chemical pollution that is induced into the environment. When clothes are being manufactured, a lot of chemicals are involved in the process, thereby polluting the environment and the earth at large. Shopping at consignment stores helps to eliminate the chemical pollution that occurs during the clothes manufacturing process and helps the planet in the process.

Over the years, we have been actively participating in the sustainability movement and reducing the rate of carbon footprint in the environment. Our retail resale stores focus on the recycling of gently used items and have been available, easily accessible and budget-friendly to the people in Fayetteville. This has helped save money and resources which could have been used to manufacture new products.” – Karese Whaley, owner of The Whaley center.

Consignment stores help in recycling and reusing already made clothes, toys, equipment, accessories, and more which help to reduce our carbon footprint in the environment, and it doesn’t take much effort. When you buy from a store like you find in The Whaley Center, rather than with online or fast-fashion shopping, you are actually reducing your carbon footprint and making the earth a better place. It helps to preserve water that is in circulation. Every stage that is involved in the production, transportation, and packaging process of new clothes, involves high usage of water. When we thrift, we are thereby preserving an insane amount of water that would’ve been consumed.

It has been observed that shopping secondhand helps the environment by decreasing landfill wastes like fabrics and other waste products. Our retail resale stores have been recognized for providing quality products at a fair price, customers do not need to go for new high-end designer brands when they can easily get it at our stores. We will continue to do our part in keeping the environment healthy, making the earth a better place, and giving people a place to shop that they can feel good about for multiple reasons!” – Karese Whaley, owner of The Whaley center.

By switching to consignment stores, you are making small steps towards developing a better community. When you have the privilege to select between purchasing at a designers’ retail store or a consignment store, consider the Earth and your community itself carefully and choose a consignment store. This would be a way for you to contribute to the welfare of your community and the planet. The Whaley Center is there to provide you with all you need at a very fair price.

Earth Day 2022

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Published On: April 11, 2022