SOKOS launches a next generation NFT Marketplace

Dubai, UAE, 11th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SOKOS is a next generation NFT Marketplace.

SOKOS released a beta version of their NFT Marketplace on April 09, 2022. SOKOS is an NFT decentralized marketplace that gives you access to your own NFT of real tangible products that have a commercial value, digital assets, art, collectibles and many more. The aim for SOKOS is to deliver a unique experience in the NFT trade where the user can own an NFT as proof of ownership and the real product also.

The SOKOS team carefully looks for genuine products that have a commercial value in the field of Sports, art, collectibles and digitizes the product. Next step is to mint an NFT of this product and make it available for sale on the marketplace. While minting the NFT there is an option to mint a Single unique NFT or multiple supply NFT that can be sold at a fixed price or auction.

“This is a big achievement for us to bring a NFT marketplace where real tangible products have digital ownership and access to own a unique and valuable product that has authentication was the need of the time, Said Mr. Khalid Shaikh, CEO of SOKOS, further adding he said, this launch allows us to go to market and explore the ecosystem, we have been bootstrapped and starting to raise funds with the release of this MVP. Our second phase has a P2E NFT card game that has a PvP gameplay. So exciting times ahead for us.

There are two types of NFT’s on SOKOS

  • Physical products digitized with NFT 
    •  Such as collectibles, memorabilia that have some significant monetary value or historical evidence that creates value of this product.
    • Physical products can be from various industries, like Arts, sports, entertainment etc.
  • Digital Products
    • A complete Digital representation of a physical product in a form of image, video etc is a digital product.
    • Digital products are collectibles from various industries.

SOKOS is currently active as beta version, users can log in and purchase NFT’s of their choice. There is also integration with other marketplaces like opensea, rarible, etc where these NFT’s can be sold as a secondary market. Currently SOKOS is launching giveaway initiatives and also drops in the coming months. More information and access to the beta platform can be done through 

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Published On: April 11, 2022