Lakewood University Helps Students Choose Their Careers with Its Career Compass

An Ohio-based non-profit distant education institute provides career counseling with a detailed and carefully crafted career test called the Career Compass.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 14th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, According to a detailed survey, less than 10% of students can determine their career paths. These statistics then contribute to the high likelihood of high school students taking career and aptitude tests to determine their passions and drive.

Many students use aptitude tests to determine mediocre career paths and enroll in incorrect university majors, while others are forced into careers they might have no passion for. Amid such disturbing odds, Lakewood University has been providing a clear, defined, and accurate career test for aspiring students. Lakewood University, a 24-year-old distance learning institute in Ohio, has been renowned for its excellent virtual education provision. Their diverse distance learning programs and courses are paired with a comprehensive career test called the Career Compass.

The Career Compass is designed accurately and offers a range of questions framed to provide a detailed look into what might spark an interest in a student and how those interests can be used to create a long-lasting career path. When asked about their program, their President, Tanya L. Haggins stated, “At Lakewood, we are determined to provide a standard of excellence to our students through a self-guided distance learning experience.

We have designed our Lakewood University Career Compass (LUCC) to highlight prospective students’ strengths and interests, and how they can be utilized to turn into an impressive career. We only aim to provide complete guidance to all our students and accommodate them however we can to enable them to pursue their dreams and career and personal growth.”

The Career Compass assessment asks several questions based on personality traits, likes, dislikes, comfort, social expectations and abilities, and hypothetical career situations that help assess a student’s interests and areas of possible growth. At the end of the assessment, the portal issues a downloadable link for a letter from the university President and two possible career choices.

These career choices include a detailed explanation of the fields, possible positions a student can pursue, and how Lakewood programs can help them achieve these positions. Lakewood University offers a diverse range of programs that students can enroll for which include associate degrees in business management, healthcare, IT, and paralegal studies. Students can also attain undergraduate certificates, bachelor’s degrees, career certificates, and more.

While Lakewood aspires to offer top-quality education, they ensure that the programs are affordable and accessible for different people. They have a range of scholarships, grants, and fee structures that can help students acquire affordable education.

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Lakewood University has been providing excellent educational prospects for a diverse range of students since 1998. They have a variety of courses, programs, and career opportunities that students can enroll in.

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Published On: November 14, 2022