Leading ‘Experience’ Platform Utilizes ‘Metaverse’ Opportunities for Future Expansion across the Globe

Alexander Pershikov founder of one of the world’s most popular mobility marketplace – GetTransfer.com and founder of GetExperience.com believes the ‘metaverse’ is not some gamer’s fantasy, but very soon about to become our reality.

Dubai, UAE, 13th July 2022, ZEXPRWIREGetExperience.com is a platform that provides users who are getting ready for a holiday or even just exploring around town with adventures, and unique tours directly from the locals at the best rates possible. The service provides excursions offered by travel agencies, as well as other activities which for instance are not available to agencies, ones provided by locals. Pershikov states, “We have developed a new approach to serving clients, and now we offer them – a unique bidding engine. That basically means the service providers compete for the client, and then the AI algorithms we have in place make a personalized offer”

GetExperience.com provides tourists with classical offline activities and modern virtual experiences. “Moreover, we open the doors to the Metaverses that attract people all over the globe,” added Pershikov.

As of this year, many businesses in different sectors are considering opportunities to get involved with the metaverse in one way or the other, tourism development included. Although the concept of the ‘metaverse’ started off as a gaming thing, like cryptocurrency for instance – today it has become more about society, business, investment, and outlook. Modern tech solutions and the virtual world make it possible for businesses to introduce their brands through various tools, people do not have to visit a travel agent for instance they can do it from home.

Pershikov sees global digitalization as a new wave of reality, and the trend has already started across various parts of the Americas and Europe. It will take time to enter MENA markets, however, traces of it are still there and Pershikov seeks to further expand his operations, across the region. Starting with the UAE, Turkey with Oman, and Saudi in sight.

Digital development is happening in different places worldwide: education, commerce, entertainment, travel, and even real estate have integrated AR/VR practices. Some companies around the world as even buying real estate in the “metaverse”.

Tourism is another example of a well-developing digital industry, soon GetExperience.com will be providing new tours in the ‘metaverse’ for its customers. People will be able to visit iconic locations around the globe, from anywhere in the world. Pershikov adds, “The question of full integration into virtual reality is still unknown: it takes time for the generation to adapt to the world of gadgets and new technologies fully, however I think we are surely getting there and can only be excited about the unknown at this point”.

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Published On: July 13, 2022