United States, Oct 11, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, The year 2020 has been the epitome of “living in the digital age”. As the world has adjusted to social distancing as a way of life, online communication has reached a state of normalcy like never before. Alongside this, the cosmetic surgery industry has been flourishing, seeing an increase in patients since reopening. Could the growing interest in cosmetic procedures be a result of our amplified online engagement? We reached out to some of the top cosmetic surgery professionals across the US on the matter, as well as inquiring about how social media has affected current trends. 

Dr. Arian Mowlavi – Laguna Beach, CA – is an esteemed board-certified plastic surgeon, who has been in practice for over 17 years with his own office called Dr. Laguna. He has participated in several contemporary research pieces, with his most recent study identifying differences in buttock aesthetic preferences that are affected by age, ethnicity, and even religion. This study will be published in the Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery journal next month.

When asked about how social media has affected client trends, he calls specific attention to the Kardashians, explaining that “they have transformed the buttock as the primary priority of patients seeking to improve their appearance. The Brazilian buttock lift is now a universally coined term to describe the surgery of enhancing or augmenting the buttock.”

Dr. Stanley Jacobs – San Francisco, CA – is the director of The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery, in Healdsburg and San Francisco, California. He has been practicing for 30 years. Possessing specialty and fellowship training in facial plastic surgery, he has conducted over 12,000 facial procedures. His focus is to create a natural, beautiful appearance.

Dr. Jacobs provides a substantial point, mentioning how now that consultations are online, there is a more relaxed sense of informality, providing a wider opportunity to those who might have “felt awkward or anxious about picking up the phone and actually coming into the office.” Because of this, more than 80% of those who have had virtual consultations with Dr. Jacobs will actually book their surgeries. He brings attention to the fact that people being on Zoom every day has allowed for repetitive inspection of individuals’ appearances: “People are noticing their necks being a bit saggy and it appears awkward to look up to stretch one’s neck. So neck lifts have increased in popularity. It is the added time spent on a Zoom call, that allows people to see themselves more.”

Dr. Carlos Mata – Scottsdale, AZ – is a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. At his practice Natural Results Surgery, he believes in being “your OWN kind of beautiful”, acknowledging that everybody is different, and everybody has different goals and desires. Dr. Mata voices that plastic surgery is not performed to make you look like someone else, but rather it’s to help you feel better about yourself. 

He also mentions the Kardashians as major influencers in the industry, claiming that “celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner create the new trends for fashion, but also surgery. A lot of influencers are showing perfect curvy bodies or facial transformation and people at home want the same.” 

Dr. Mata elaborates explaining that this social media exposure, with celebrities displaying their cosmetic surgery journeys online without reserve, has made the act of getting surgery less taboo, stating that “people are sharing and are not ashamed of having and talking about surgery! They even post it on their social media and tag me (Dr. Mata).” 

Dr. Lauren Chmielewski – New York, NY – is the founder of Harmony Plastic Surgery in the greater New York City area, which is for individuals who are interested in safe surgery with aesthetic and well-balanced results. While fully competent in the breadth of cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery, Harmony specializes in restoration and enhancement of the core after pregnancy or weight loss.

According to Dr. Chmielewski, procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction have “skyrocketed”. She mentions that “the pandemic has led to stress-eating, inability to go to the gym, economic insecurity, and social isolation culminating in the “Quarantine 15” weight gain”. This has inspired individuals to seek out body-contouring procedures. She further commented that since virtual interaction is now the norm, people have been “faced with their appearance and are more acutely aware of their flaws.” 

Dr. Ramandeep Sidhu – Issaquah, WA – is a double board-certified vascular surgeon and medical director at VIVAA. VIVAA is a Medspa comprised of two physicians and two master aestheticians. Dr. Sidhu believes in focussing on patients’ needs and coming up with customized plans, straying away from being a “cookie-cutter” surgeon.

Dr. Sidhu claims that “the most prominent procedure is skin tightening and body contouring.” According to Dr. Sidhu “even though a lot of people are working from home they are not interested in anesthesia or downtime with a surgical correction so they are asking for non-surgical options.”

There is no denying that people have had to adapt, with major lifestyle changes coming into place. According to these experts, this has been a catalyst for many to consider cosmetic surgery. Whether it’s from being on Zoom calls continuously face to face with one’s reflection, influence from online celebrities being open about their surgery experiences, or wanting the return of one’s figure before quarantine weight gain, these have all been major prompts for people to try cosmetic surgery in 2020. 

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