Tallinn, Estonia, 16th Sept 2021, ZEXPRWIREHis meme pages have garnered massive momentum so far, which has paved the way for Lopp to become a young and successful digital entrepreneur.

The more we see the surge in growth of the world of digitalization, the more we feel it is spoken less about the same. This massive change from the past few years have changed the dynamics of the online world, which has given birth to many young minds and talents who go beyond boundaries to innovatively and creatively come up with newer ideas and concepts to bowl over people with their unique skills in the online world as creators and entrepreneurs and one such young and astute mind in the online world id Erik Lopp.

If there was anything that Lopp felt a close affinity towards since the beginning, then it was the astounding growth of the online mediums, especially the social media platforms. Knowing that it could provide ample opportunities to him, which he can unlock to thrive in his career, Lopp dived into the same and started working towards building a strong foundation.

Instagram and Snapchat have been two social media networks, which have been impressive right since its inception, not just because of how they have attracted people as a social platform with many different filters, etc. but also as its potential to be a marketing tool for brands and businesses. Realizing the growth opportunities both the mediums could offer him, Lopp began working for growing brands, people and businesses through Instagram and Snapchat.

He began with creating a meme page on Instagram, and slow and steadily saw the growth of his page, each passing day, with more and more people liking the content and posts, creating more engagement on the handle. This upped Lopp’s confidence to come up with more such meme pages and build his strong career as an online creator. His meme pages @comedial and @pubertyhumor have today become the hot favourite handle for thousands of followers on Instagram.

The momentum he gained as an online creator, opened up doors of opportunities for him to become a social media growth expert as well, where today Lopp takes his clients to the greatest heights of reach and presence with his unique and clever techniques, tactics and strategies on social media and hence, he is known as an expert on Instagram and Snapchat growth.

The meme pages Lopp created changed his life completely and today he works with an extensive list of clientele that has grown him as a growth expert and a digital entrepreneur.

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Name –  Erik Lopp
E-mail –  [email protected]
City and State – Tallinn and Estonia