State College, PA, 16 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Gracienne Myers, born in Palmópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, came from a low-income family and suffered traumas and abuse during her childhood. At the age of 14, she was deceived by a woman who took her to São Paulo promising a better life, but instead, made her work as a wage slave for two years at a flower shop. When she was 16, she started working with her boss’s daughter, who noticed Gracienne was being abused by her mother so she decided to offer Gracienne a better opportunity.  At the age of 18, she was able to find another job at a different flower shop. A year later, after saving every penny for all the years of hard work, Gracienne purchased her very own flower shop.  

In 1997, Gracienne left Brazil and came to live in the United States.  In 1998 she married the man of her life and started managing her husband’s DJ company.  After some time, she noticed a decrease in the business revenue so she decided to call her potential customers to find out why they did not choose her services. Many of them said that “anyone could be a DJ” and “People were playing their own music on their stereos and that would easily substitute the role of a DJ.”  

Gracienne noticed the company needed something new, so she purchased a mechanical bull for $18,000.00 and started renting it out to customers; that investment paid off in just four months.  

Often clients would ask Gracienne if the mechanical bull was for sale; this is when she decided that manufacturing and selling the bulls would be a business worth venturing into.  Eighteen years later, Mechanical Bull Sales, Inc. is the number one selling mechanical bull worldwide having sold to 42 states and 44 countries. 

Upon the successful completion of a custom mechanical ride attachment, which involved a few months’ dedications for a large corporate retailer, Gracienne sought out a more simple solution for creating those custom rides to be able to offer to customers on a regular basis.  In 2019, after researching EPS foam carving capabilities, CNC technologies, and other equipment, Gracienne launched 3D Sculpture Worx, a full-service scenic studio that specializes in three-dimensional form and sculpture displays; doing everything from the woodwork, metalwork, stage design fabrication, sculptures, props, facades, signage, topiaries, graphics, and print, on-site drawings, renderings, installation and project management.  3D Sculpture Worx to date has completed numerous projects for major corporations including Google, Netflix, and Samsung, and more. 

Gracienne doesn’t stop there! In the truest form of an entrepreneur, she took her creativity to the kitchen and created a nutritious fruit bar company called Banana Vital; the bars are 100% natural without any added sugar using only three ingredients: green bananas, ripe bananas, and citric acid. It makes a healthy snack, rich in potassium, and can be taken anywhere.  

Today, the girl who suffered from hunger and abuse is living her dream as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman in the United States.  

Gracienne has gained many followers in a few short months on Instagram @concelhosdegracienne where she shares stories of her past experiences as well as her success and empowerment in her personal and professional life with those who also wish to succeed in life.  

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