Memeflate Announces a Non-Traditional Marketplace for Freelancers

BRISTOL, UK, 27 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Memeflate team is excited to announce the creation of a platform “where customers and freelancers are engaged with more freedom and interaction.”

The team is aware of the limitations that freelancers have to contend with over time: making transactions via traditional methods only. This may hinder the progress of Marketplace and E-Commerce in the future. 

To address this issue, the team has released Memeflate 2.0 with a mission to “build a design-to-earn platform for freelancers where they can re-design the world and the future.” The platform is designed for creative such as graphic designers, web developers, photographers, tattooists, music and video producers. 

Skilled services providers such as party planners, personal trainers, wedding planners, music teachers, and a host of others can take advantage of this opportunity to increase their values and get the appropriate rewards for their efforts. 

Model Of Operation

The team currently offers free sign-up packages to business owners by personal invitation. Qualified candidates can create a business profitable to promote their arts and post them on $Mjob.

More so, the team offers selected members of its platform a special package that makes dealing with customers a lot easier. According to the team, “MemeFlate offers its users a top-notch interactive platform, where all content creators can receive and send direct messages to and from clients to discuss requirements before undergoing services, upload content, pricing guidelines, fees and a lot more perks to unpack.”

That’s in addition to the $MFlateable Community Center for members to interact and exchange ideas, find support, market and promote their trades across all social media platforms for better exposure and patronage. 

The platform isn’t restricted to freelancers only. Individuals and organizations who need professionals’ servicers can find experts in any field to attend to their needs from the huge volume of professional service providers on the platform. 

Customers can purchase the services of service personnel and creators in 2 ways on the Memeflate 2.0 Marketplace: 

  1. Through credit/debit card or PayPal. 
  2. Verified users are given access to a 2-step verification $MFlateable crypto wallet for depositing cryptocurrencies and transferring such digital currencies among users. Freelancers can accept payments for their services through that channel as well. 

The team has a vision: “make MemeFlates $MFLATE and $MFT accepted crypto utilities across our platform where we can showcase our unique Tokenomics and offers the users variable rates of redistribution for using our utility online.” offers freelancers a wide range of flateable-cubes for them to earn as much as they design. These cubes are:

  • Mflateable-cube: This cube allows freelancers to showcase their works on the’s main sliders. They will provide important information such as the duration and cost of each work. 
  • MMflateable-cube: Freelancers can reach out to customers via the’s social media promotion. 
  • MMMflateable-cube: This cube combines the multiple functions of the Mflateable-cube and MMflateable-cube, helping users to reach out to customers and showcase their works on the platform’s main sliders. 


Customers are also taken care of on the platform. They are given a platform where they can hire the best hands for their works. Interested customers will get the best possible price, a good and safe environment where transparency is the hallmark. 

The team allows customers to “contact and understand the freelancers’ talents, capabilities, and attitudes toward the job.” Customers are also allowed to check ratings and comments about a freelancer’s previous services to enable them to make informed decisions when scouting for the best professional for their work. 

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Published On: January 27, 2022