Multi-Millionaire James Khuri Discusses how his Father, Fuad Khuri, Advice Inspired his Success.

California, US, 23rd April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, James Khuri was born in December of 1975 in Rochester, New York. Early on, James was introduced to the world of business by his father, Fuad Khuri, who held investments and owned businesses in the New York Area. As James grew up he developed a love for trading cards,  James’ father encouraged him to follow that passion and lean into his natural inclinations toward business and commerce. Little did he know that his passion for trading cards and fathers guidance would propel a business that would become an instrumental part of his success as a businessman today.

As James Khuri grew up his passion for trading cards did not dissipate, instead he was able to incorporate trading cards with his other passion, business and out of this came FJ Holdings. FJ Holdings services and distributes a variety of popular mainstream for trading cards manufacturers around the world. James credits his father for much of his success in becoming one of the industry leaders for distribution of trading cards. His father noticed James’ passion and potential and taught him everything he knew about the trading card industry. To this day James and Fuad have conversations on how to adapt to the ever changing business to allow it to grow and be better. James states, “When I am stuck on how to approach a problem or road block in any of my businesses, my father often comes up with the perfect business strategy. I don’t know how I didnt think of some of the suggestions,  but I am very appreciative of his knowledge.”

When asked what the most valuable business tool James has learned from his father he says, “Since I was a young child I always can remember my fathers “friends”. Everywhere we went he made connections with the people around in a way that I thought my father had many many friends, but in reality these people were his business partners. This taught me the importance of creating meaningful and lasting connections. This is a way that I separate myself from my competitors;  developing these rich relationships with every client I connect with and in every business I am involved with is a major key for success. A majority of new clients and opportunities have come from referrals and word of mouth. Being so, it is extremely important that every client, no matter the business, has a great experience with me and after our business is complete they leave feeling our business relationship is that of respect and understanding.”

James credits his father for instilling the importance of a great team, in any business that he is involved with. James has been in the business of providing customer service and support for over 25 years, along with his fathers advice he has learned how to hire and have the best support in his businesses. In every business venture he’s been involved with, he has had a great staff that is committed to providing the best possible service and support to their partners and clients. His team strives each day to cultivate and maintain the relationships that make them successful. James states that one of the best pieces of advice from his father was, “you are only as great as your team- your team represents your entire business, if you give your employees the best tools to succeed; your business will be successful. ”

James Khuri is excited to continue to make investments, grow his current businesses and begin new ventures, he especially feels lucky to have his father by his side. James values his fathers advice and business opinions, making Fuad Khuri James most valuable business partner.

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Published On: April 23, 2022