Near House by Supermoon Gathered Top Near Builders During ETH Denver

NYC, New York, 13th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRESupermoon Camp successfully organized Near House ETH Denver, bringing together 20 selected builders and founders from the Near ecosystem for an 8-day “Stay Together, Build Together” experience. 

Near House ETH Denver included a curated experience with a range of activities, from Supermoon discussion sessions to builders’ breakfasts, alongside collaborative hacking activities where builders gained in-depth knowledge of Near.Social, Mintbase dev tooling and AffiliateDirect, and other Near-based tools. The main goal was to help builders to establish personal relationships and trust that facilitates future collaboration and contributes towards the growth of the Near ecosystem. 

The curated ETH Denver agenda also included the Near Day mini summit on March 2nd sharing the latest protocol and technological advancements from the Near ecosystem and announcing the BOS, Near’s novel Blockchain Operating System.

Supermoon invited Illia Polosukhin, the founder of Near Protocol, to join other builders staying at the Near House to debate the future direction of Near and share suggestions on ecosystem improvements. The meeting turned into a passionate two-hour conversation with Illia, followed by many hours of ongoing discussion at the Near House.

Supermoon Station sat down with every builder staying at the house to talk about their personal journey and advancements in the Near ecosystem. The interviews featured Luís Freitas from Mintbase, Ran Yi from Orderly Network, Mark Sokoli from Boto, Petr Volnov from HERE, Jose Maria Sosa and Alejandro V. Betancourt from MetaPool, Robert Zaremba NDC, Cameron Dennis from Banyan Collective, and others.

One of the builders from the Near House by Supermoon said that staying there is like “feeling at home with other builders.” Supermoon was deeply touched by all the warm words they received from the Near community and assured that the Near Protocol community can look forward to more events and initiatives from Supermoon in the future.

Supermoon wants to express special gratitude to Near, Banyan Collective, and Camron Dennis personally for supporting this and other community-focused initiatives that foster developments and collaboration in the Near ecosystem. 

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact: Supermoon Camp

Published On: March 13, 2023