NFT: MetaTopia Sets the Standard for Ethereum Blockchain Staking Games with Numerous $TOPIA Token Utilities

Phoenix, AZ, 18th September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, DevTeamSix, the Phoenix-based technology startup, debuted their original and unprecedented blockchain staking game, MetaTopia. The Ethereum blockchain rarely witnesses an NFT staking game and its associated token project with the amount of utility as MetaTopia. 

“We are excited to launch MetaTopia and bring our vision to life. Our goal was to provide earning opportunities, an authentic token DEX market, and lower entry barriers to blue-chip NFT projects for our community,” said Bill Spata, CEO of DevTeamSix. 

Here is a list of the five critical utilities behind MetaTopia and its associated token, $TOPIA:

  1. $TOPIA Liquidity Pool on PYESwap
  2. Buying In-Game Assets 
  3. The Topia Vault
  4. The $TOPIA Peer-to-Peer Exchange
  5. Staking ability of $TOPIA on PYESwap to earn ETH Cherry

$TOPIA Liquidity Pool on ETH PYESwap

First, the $TOPIA token will have a liquidity pool (LP) on the ETH PYESwap website. This LP allows the $TOPIA Token to have a sustainable and authentic swapping DEX market. Individuals can purchase $TOPIA with a 0% Buy Tax directly from the website.

Buying In-Game Assets in the Topia Vault

Users can purchase items within the game with the accumulated $TOPIA tokens accrued from staking their Alpha and Genesis NFTs or $TOPIA purchased from PYESwap. In-game assets include but are not limited to exclusive NFTS (Rats of Wasteland) and other luxury goods. 

The Topia Vault

Now, this is where the exchange of value hits its maximum capacity. Blockchain staking games, or NFTs in general, rarely provide their holders with real-world and other valuable digital assets.

The Topia Vault will be an auction marketplace for luxury goods and blue-chip NFT projects

(MoonBirds, CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, etc.).

The $TOPIA Exchange

The $TOPIA Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange platform that allows holders to sell their $TOPIA to other players and not pay the market price on the ETH PYESwap website.

“The $TOPIA Exchange has no limits on how much an individual can place up for auction and only has a 5% sell tax. Whereas holders can exchange only 100 $TOPIA a day on PYESwap, and will consist of a 25% Sell Tax on the website. We want more power to the community and less to the team,” said CTO of DevTeamSix, Eric Andersen. 

Staking Ability on ETH PYESwap for $CHERRYPYE

Holders can stake their excess $TOPIA on the ETH PYESwap website and receive $CHERRYPYE Tokens.

For any other questions regarding MetaTopia, visit its website for more information and LinkTree for its various social media platforms.

About MetaTopia:
MetaTopia is the first-ever play-to-earn blockchain staking game utilizing Swap 2.0 technology to establish a more authentic token marketplace. Use Alpha and Genesis MetaTopia NFTs to enter the MetaTopia universe, buy additional NFTs, earn $TOPIA tokens, and gain access to special seasons in the game.

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Published On: September 18, 2022