NFT News – Now You Can Explore And Play On The Moon with Carda Station

Delhi, India, 8th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969 in the Apollo 11. Now, in 2022, so can you with Carda Station.

What must have felt like a distant reality some years ago is becoming (virtual) reality.  You can experience what life could be like on the moon at 1/6th Earth’s gravity.

Hanging out on the surface of the moon & literally being able to do things you could do on earth before is a dream being turned into reality with Carda Station.

So, what is Carda Station?

Carda Station is a Cardano metaverse set on, you guessed it, the moon, where you can hang out and live on the moon as an in-game character, interact with other players through games, events, treasure hunts etc. Want to race lunar rovers? Visit historical landing sites? Attend concerts on the moon? Carda Station allows you to do all this and more! You can also build your own house, sell real life items and NFTs or just spend time gazing at the universe from a new perspective.

What has Carda Station been up to?

In November, 1,000 Construction Crew NFTs were launched to the earliest members of the Carda Station community. These included free airdrop rewards: rovers, in-game maps and utility tokens. 

In January, Carda Station launched the first collection of virtual land plots. The 10,000 land NFT’s in this collection sold out in 24hrs. 

As the first Cardano metaverse to allow users to interact with the world and deploy their own structures, the land owners are now busy with ongoing construction, building real estate & experiences on their sites.

What can you expect next from Carda Station? 

Q2 2022 is a busy quarter for the team.They are working to the moon every night to deliver on their roadmap, which includes: Multiplayer, Avatar integrations and a racing game. Add to that the launch of their Cardano native utility token: Carda Station Token ($CAST), and Carda Station is definitely one to watch.

Unique experiences are underway for you to soon meet up with other community members for games, shopping sprees, treasure hunts, events & space gazing.

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Published On: April 8, 2022