Non-Fungible History Announces Initiative to Bring the Historical Moments to the Metaverse

Tbilisi, Georgia, June 30, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Non-fungible History, an NFT-based project, has announced its incoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will see it raise funds for its goal of bringing history to the metaverse. This ICO is ongoing till July 14th, 2022.

The project, which was first launched in 2021, allows users to transfer ownership of historical moments to the blockchain and mint them as NFTs. This has massive implications for the documentation of history, as well as the preservation of essential moments via blockchain technology. 

This comes just after the successful launch of its Beta marketplace back in March 2022. Though new on the scene, Non-fungible History has the goal of becoming the metaverse, where you can reach out to worldwide museums. This will mean virtual museums and exhibitions that will be open to the public. 

But unlike a physical exhibition, there is no risk of damage or being lost to time. Needless to say, this will be very important both culturally and economically. It is also worth noting that thanks to its connection to the Polygon blockchain, the NFTs to be featured are free to mint. 

Oftentimes, NFT lovers turn to blockchains like Ethereum for minting but this has proven to have some drawbacks over the years. Most notably, these blockchains are known to be very expensive to mint with and recent incidents like the Otherdeed sale have shown how unsustainable the current system is. 

But Non-fungible History bypasses all of this by being built on the Polygon network which offers more speed than Ethereum while also being faster and more user-friendly. This means that those looking to document history on the metaverse can do so faster and with more ease. 

Led by a young and passionate team of Ruslan Almansur (CTO), Boris Neiman (Co-Founder), Kirill Matus (COO), and Luka Babiri (Director), working hard for making the idea they believe in coming to life, Non-fungible History’s native token will make its debut on centralized exchanges in August 2022. 

About Non-Fungible History

Non-fungible History is a blockchain-based NFT platform and marketplace that allows historical moments to be immortalized on the blockchain. Users can mint, buy, and sell NFTs of whatever moments they wish and interact with a dedicated community. Based on the Polygon network, Non-fungible History is committed to preserving the most important moments of the world around us and doing so through the magic of blockchain. 

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Published On: June 30, 2022